6 December 2013

20 Days till Christmas: Product empties #5

Hi guys!

So with the festive season upon us, I decided to do a series of blog posts, one for each day up to Christmas. If you have any suggestions on what I should review/discuss, leave them in the comments and I'll see what I can do. This post will be on products that I have used up.

DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser
I was given this by a relative while my skin was acting horribly from acne. I was quite scared to use this because the product itself was a bright blue colour. Within about 2 weeks I saw a difference in my skin. It did clear my acne (to an extent) but it is quite strong. Will recommend this product to those suffering from relatively strong acne, but if you have super sensitive skin then stay away from this. I found if I used it everyday for about 5 days, my skin would get super sensitive and dry. I will repurchase at some point.

Innisfree Camellia Sun Hair Mist
I mentioned this a few times in my blog and I don't have any bad comments about it. It's great for a moisture boost for my hair, prevents tangles during drying of my hair, smells really nice, and the list goes on. If you get the chance to try this out, you definitely should!

Etude House Aloe Moistful First Essence and Soothing Lotion 
I got these large sample sizes from a G-Market order a while back and it took me a while to use them up; for some reason I never use my samples. I would use the first essence then the soothing lotion as my first steps of my routine after cleansing. They are the basics to skincare features as they target the moisture component. These would be great for those who have just gotten into skincare, or have just really great skin in the beginning. If you have super sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrance then stay away from these, as they are quite heavily fragranced.

SK-II Stempower
I've seen this in South Korean ads, so I'm not sure if they sell this in western SK-II counters. This targets wrinkles and fine lines. I didn't notice anything as I don't have any wrinkles, although I did find this to not be as hydrating as other creams I've used in the past.

My mission to finish products in the urge to buy more is happening quite slowly. Do you have any holy grail products that you have purchased constantly?

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