20 January 2013

Review: Innisfree Camellia Sun Hair Mist

Hi guys!

I bought this while I was in South Korea last year (which I don't think I mentioned in my haul) because my hair was going into chaos then. It was winter the time I went and my ends felt dry and extremely brittle - even more brittle than the time I bleached my hair. When I would brush my hair there would be so many breakages. I kind of got scared, so I needed something that would be quick and easy to use on my hair that wouldn't keep my hair weighed down which most serums can do. 

Enriched with camellia oil from Jeju Island, Innisfree's Camellia hair products impact healthy shine and silky softness to your hair by repairing dry and damaged hair cuticles.

Formulated with Jeju camellia ingredients which deeply penetrate into the hair to replenish amino acids to your damaged hair, this product helps to reveal shiny and soft hair. The UV filter ingredients form a barrier coating to prevent hair from bleach, dryness and damage caused by sun exposure.

Can be used on both dry and wet hair.

The first thing I did was spray a few sprits on my hair after I've washed and towel dried it and by the time my hair fully dried I could notice a HUGE difference in my hair. It was softer and less prone to breakage. Did I mention that I noticed a DIFFERENCE WITHIN THE FIRST USE!! There is a scent to it but it isn't strong and I actually really like the scent. It isn't a typical floral smell but it doesn't really smell like a hair product (if that makes sense...)

I'm so sad that I didn't get the chance to get backups of this because it is really hard to find! I've been looking high and low for this online and I can't seem to find it. I've come across it once on Gmarket but I can't seem to find it again T_T. They also have different products from this line - shampoo, conditioners, serums

- strengthens hair within the first use
- keeps hair soft and frizz free
- fresh, not overpowering scent

- EXTREMELY hard to find

Will I repurchase? Definitely once I can find it.
WIll I try the other products from the line? YES!!


  1. Thanks for the review! :) I want to try only if only I can find one. Hehe

  2. Still couldn't find any product that keeps my hair frizz free but I will give this one a try as well. Thanks ^^

  3. I think you couldn't find it because they have changed their product name from Sun Hair Mist to Shine Hair Mist.. Haha =D

    Here's the official Korean website for this product:

    1. No, sun hair mist and shine hair mist is different, and both are still available (well, at least my trusty korean seller said so)

      Go here in Indonesia, you can easily order korean stuff online. EVERYONE got sell lol


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