31 March 2013

K talk: songs currently on repeat

There's so many great songs out now and I waned to share with you all the songs that I've been listening to on repeat for days! (no joke, I've probably listened to all of these songs at least 20 times)

1. Teen Top - Missing you
Check out the live performance here

2. Teen Top - Miss right

Check out the music video here

3. One way - Would you be 
 Little note: they are a 3 member group (one member currently inactive) which consists of Peter, Chance and YoungSky. Peter is from Sydney, Chance is from America and YoungSky met Peter and Chance by traveling back and forth from Sydney and America. They're songs are seriously the bomb!
Check out the music video here

4. UKISS - Party all the time
Check out the song here

5. NU'EST - Hello
 Little note: My favourite member is Baekho, and it's actually the first time where I genuinely like someone that's younger than me.
Check out the music video here

6. Infinite - Man in love
 Little note: Have you guys seen the teasers for these? If you haven't then DON'T WATCH THEM! Even though I do like cute guys once in a while, the way they act in the teasers is overly cute to the point where u just want to punch them in the face and say 'man up!'
Check out the music video here

7. Heo YoungSaeng - The Art of Seduction
 Little note: the song is one of those songs that's going to be in your head for a really long time, and the music video is definitely cringe worthy.
Check out the music video here

If you guys have any song recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below. ^_^

29 March 2013

Review: SK-II Products

Hi guys!

So for this post, I'll be giving you my thoughts on the SK-II products I bought in my previous haul.

Left to right: Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Stempower

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
"Containing AHA, this wipe-off clarifying lotion gently removes dirt and dead skin cells to allow skin nourishment. Leaving skin clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.

Facial treatment Essence
"Containing more than 90% Pitera, this much loved miracle water is a must-have for healthy radiant skin. SKII Facial Treatment Essence helps maintain the skin;s natural renewal cycle to its optimum condition to allow skin nourishment. SKII Facial Treatment Essence also works to balance the skins pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturised."

"Stempower contain SKII new ingredient StemAcanax complex. Experience radical firmness. Focus on the source of skin's beauty. Feel the youth beauty of many years ago."

Information taken from the SKII website.

My Opinion
I REALLY wanted to like these products, but I have to say that I'm part of the very minority that say that I do not like these products. I use the Clear Lotion on a cotton pad and sweep upwards on my face twice, following with 3-5 drops of the Treatment Essence and finish up with Stempower.

First of all, the Clear lotion didn't really do anything dramatic to my skin. It felt just like a normal toner. The Treatment Essence. Oh how I wanted this to be my holy grail product! but it broke me out! I used it straight for a week and I started to get bumps on my cheeks and chin. So I took a break for my skin to get back to normal. I gave it one more shot and cancelled some things, and it came to a conclusion that this broke me out! In the end I got quite a few painful spots on my cheeks and some bumps on the chin. And something else to mention, I dread putting this on my face because it has such a horrible smell to it! To me it smells like poo! I'm pretty sure everyone that has smelled this product will at least say that it doesn't have an appealing smell to it. As for Stempower, this is a moisturiser so I put a pea size amount all over my face and neck. Because this is more targeted to those that have problems with ageing skin, this didn't really do anything and I felt it to not be hydrating enough for my skin. So I just use this under my eyes as an eye cream.

I wouldn't repurchase any of these products again, just because they either didn't do anything for my skin and unfortunately broke me out and for such a big price tag on these products.. I will finish off using the Clear Lotion and Stempower, and will probably throw out the Treatment Essence. I am really sad that these products didn't work for me, since there have been so many people rave about SKII products. If you are wanting to try these out and worried about breaking you out, I definitely recommend getting some samples at a SKII counter or like me, get some deluxe size mini sample kits online.

Now I shall concentrate on getting rid of the spots from these products. T_T

28 March 2013

B.liv by Cellnique

Hi guys!

So I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been contacted by B.liv to try out some of their products.

Left to right: shrink and tighten (large pores diminishing night complex), dullness cessation- bright is right (for dark and uneven skin tone), glow and shine (skin smoothing mask)

In about 2-3 weeks time I'll be back to review these products, so please look forward to that! I also have a special code for all AUSTRALIAN bloggers, which is located on the side bar. Check out their products and for more information on their brand here.

These products were sent to me free to review. The review will be solely my opinion and I am not paid to state my opinion for these products. 

25 March 2013

Versatile Award!

Hey guys!
So I was nominated by Eva again for this award! Thanks so much! Click here to see her post on her Versatile award.

- Thank the person who gave you the award
- Include a link to their blog
- Select bloggers that you've recently discovered/followed regularly
- Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Award
- Tell the person that nominated you, 7 things about yourself

First of all, 7 things about myself
1) I'm studying food science in uni
2) I currently have a food obsession with cranberries
3) For some reason, I have a really hard time meeting new people and making new friends
4) I really cannot stand people that swear for no apparent reason and those that smoke. Two bad habits that should not be taken up!
5) I'm doing my driving test on Wednesday, so I'm hoping I pass!
6) I can only fall asleep on my stomach.
7) I have quite an obsession with coffee,  but mainly Starbucks

People I nominate:

Again, thanks to Eva for nominating me for this award!

23 March 2013

Loreal Fashion Week

So on Thursday me, Olivia and another friend decided to go one of the events during Loreal Fashion Week. Honestly, the only reason I went was for the freebees. The day itself was pretty bad with mini tornadoes going around the city. It was raining, windy and somehow sunny as well (if you live in Melbourne, you know what the weather's like). We got to the venue at 5pm and the event didn't start until 5.30. I'm glad we got there early because by the time we were allowed in, there was a huge ass line.

Megan Gale- the face of Loreal

At the event, you could get your makeup or nails done. Of course I decided to do my nails.
The colour I have on is 607 Rue Montmartre.

Now for the goodies!

Left to right: Full size nail polish in 216 Milk shake in LA, Full size Color Infailible Shadow in 014 Eternal Black, sample size Base Magique, travel size Elnett Satin hairspray

Sample Elvive Volume Collagen Texturising Shampoo

Samples of the EverPure Color Care System.

It was quite an interesting experience since I've never been to an event like this before. Have you guys gone to an event like this before? Do you have any Loreal product recommendations?

18 March 2013

Another converter- bloglovin + other news

Hi guys,

So you all would have heard that GFC is going to close down. I have joined the crowd and joined Bloglovin.   Thanks for all of the support so far and I really hope that you all continue supporting me through Bloglovin. Click the icon on the left to follow.

Talking about GFC, I've hit 75 followers! Thank you all so much! I really do enjoy blogging and I'm really happy that there are people out there that find my opinions about beauty products, as well as my other lifestyle interests, interesting! I think once I hit 100 followers, I will hold a small giveaway. So please do keep up the support!

11 March 2013


Hi guys!

Just letting you all know about their concert in Sydney. I talked about it briefly in my last Ktalk, so if you haven't gone through that yet, check it here. If you are planning to go, then purchase the tickets here. For more information on their world tour, check out their Facebook page here

If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

8 March 2013

My uni adventures: celebrity hunting?

So this was my first week back a uni and so far so good. I've catched up with some friends I haven't talked to in a while and have done some 'wacky' things. Being on a spending ban and being out of the house alot more often has made me realise how hard it is not to spend money on anything makeup and fashion related.

But first of all, I want to share with you all my stressful/exciting day today has been. 

Will have slabs of writing, but for those that are fans of UKISS and FAHRENHEIT, READ THIS POST!

Food adventures #1

Hi guys! So this will be a ongoing series about all things food! My love for food has been growing and the need to try things new is always a good thing. So if you guys live in Melbourne, some of the mini reviews will hopefully be helpful. So, let's get started!

First stop, Lindt Caffe on Collins Street. 

My friend got this hot chocolate. The milk and chocolate drink comes separate so when it is served, you put the two together.

Two of my other friends got a iced chocolate drink and an ice mocha for myself ( I have quite an obsession for anything mocha), as well as some macarons! (another one of my obsessions)

If you love chocolate, this is the place to go! They have super yummy chocolate! The only down side to this place is that everything is a bit more expensive than other places. Definitely a great place to spoil yourself once in a while. 

Next stop, PappaRich at Chadstone.

Iced Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream

I have quite a history about finding out about this place. Me and a few friends were planning to go to a Korean restaurant near by, but it was closed for the day. Being our hungry selves we went to Chadstone and entered PappaRich after looking at the huge menu and drink selection. They have really good food and its a good place to catch up with friends. 

Mambos at Sunshine

Carbonara Fettuccine

Me and my friends caught up with each other before uni started so we went to a local restaurant. They have a variety of foods at affordable prices. 

The picture above are macarons that my friend made. Seriously, they are the best I've ever tried. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and they're not too sweet.

After dinner we decided to go to Pancake Parlour Highpoint.

I can't remember what the drink is called, but its a lemonade with vanilla ice cream. when the drink and ice cream gets together it fizzes up!

Second day of uni, me and three friends went to a new place we've never been to before, YumCha Cafe on Exhibition Street.

My friend got a yumcha set which was $9.90

I ordered the Sizchuan (not sure how to spell it) Spicy Noodle Soup. It was quite different to any other noodle dishes I've had because the soup itself was quite creamy and had a strong nutty taste to it. It was ok, but not something I would order again. The restaurant was ok, but I would go somewhere else for better food for a cheaper price. 

Burnetties Caffe (level 3 or 4; can't remember) City Myer

I ordered an iced mocha, and it was quite disappointing. The drink was ok but despite calling it an iced mocha, there was no ice; instead it had ice cream and it was quite expensive at $6.

Sweet salty caramel macaron

It was my first ever time trying a dessert that was sweet and salty. It was ok, tasted like a normal caramel macaron. 

My friend got this dessert that looked really cute. It tasted, different. It had the texture and tasted of dried up icing and inside it had, like a slighty sour strawberry jam.

Ajisen Ramen on Bourke Street

Under all of the stuff on top is takoyaki. This has to be seriously the best takoyaki I've had ever! It's crunchy and isn't soggy like other places I've tried. And there is a decent amount of octopus inside. You get 6 balls for $6-7. That's still pretty cheap, in my opinion. 

I got the Spicy miso ramen. I was expecting the typical instant noodle, noodle but instead I got some thin noodles. The dish itself was really good, and buy the end of it I was slowly dying from the spiciness (which rarely happens to me). After hearing good things about this place, I decided to try it out. Its definitely a great place and have a huge selection of dishes for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Definitely recommend trying this place out!

Killiney, Bourke Street

Me and my friend were walking around to wait for Ajisen Ramen to open since it was still quite early in the morning, and we stopped in front of this restaurant looking at the drinks. Me and my friends are suckers for drinks as desserts so we tried this place out.

Got the Iced coffee with ice cream. This tasted like Asian coffee, which I like. If you guys haven't had Asian coffee before, it tastes like normal coffee but instead of using milk, condensed milk is used in place of milk and sugar. This drink was really good! Another place I recommend checking out and I will be coming back for more!

Wow that was a long post... I hope you guys enjoyed it. Is there any places around your area that you always go to? Any Melbournians out there that recommend any food related places?

5 March 2013

Massive Haul!

So before my spending ban, I made two online orders and I thought that it would be time to share it with you all! First stop was cosme-de.com. My friend Olivia had a 50% off coupon and I thought that was a total bargain! So I purchased a few things from their site.

Purchase this here

I haven't used this on my face yet, but from just putting it on my hand, it's very light and absorbs very quickly into the skin without feeling sticky.

Purchase this here

SK-II Set which includes:
Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Mask, Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel, and Stempower

Purchase it here

I've always wanted to try out SK-II products but I never wanted to get the full size product just in case I had a bad reaction to it (which some people have), and the sample sizes are too small to ensure I truly like the product enough to buy it full size. So far I've only tried out Stempower.

Purchase it here

I also bought some items from good old G-Market!

That's all for this post! Products mentioned here will most likely be reviewed later in the future so look forward to those! If you guys have tried any of these products, or any product recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below. ^_^