8 March 2013

My uni adventures: celebrity hunting?

So this was my first week back a uni and so far so good. I've catched up with some friends I haven't talked to in a while and have done some 'wacky' things. Being on a spending ban and being out of the house alot more often has made me realise how hard it is not to spend money on anything makeup and fashion related.

But first of all, I want to share with you all my stressful/exciting day today has been. 

Will have slabs of writing, but for those that are fans of UKISS and FAHRENHEIT, READ THIS POST!

Just finished having brunch and was at home on my laptop catching up on social media sites and all things kpop related. But one post I stumbled upon which almost made me have a heart attack. "Alexander(former member of UKISS) currently in Melbourne. Where should he go next?"

After doing a little more research online I found out that he was here with Calvin(member of Fahrenheit) filming a movie (3 Peas in a Pod; will be released sometime in November) at Melbourne University. 

I packed all of my things and left the house and headed to the station. I was on the train then, and was still trying to look up online for their whereabouts. Calling my friends frantically that study at Melb Uni asking if they've seen crowds of people.

Finally reached Melbourne Uni and met up with Olivia (she wanted to see them as well) and went to this building which was where they where last spotted.

picture taken from: http://www.facebook.com/3PeasInAPodMovie?ref=stream

By the time I got there there were no camera crew of any sort there. Feeling down, me and Olivia walked around the campus to check if they were anywhere else. Five minutes in and we have almost given up. But I checked social media sites once again to make sure that they where somewhere else. Within a minute I find another area on campus, so we headed there.

We walked inside a building to see if there was anything suspicious. and soon enough, in the corridor, we see lighting and other equipment and a small group of girls waiting. We walked towards them and bingo! We found their hiding spot!

10 minutes in and still waiting. A staff member comes out to say "they're having lunch now. they should be out in 10 minutes". Being satisfied with that we wait the 10 minutes. 

10 minutes later
The same staff member comes out. " Sorry, they're really tired right now after a really long time filming. They should be out in 2 hours or so". Thinking about what to do, half of the fans waiting decided to leave. Me and Olivia decided to stay and wait just in case they come out for a toilet break or something. And I'm glad we did. We decided to kill time by doing something productive, studying. As I was doing my work, I looked up to see Calvin right in front of me, maybe half a meter? ^_^ In my shocked state, I didn't take any photos or get the chance to say anything to him, but when it happened my heart was beating like crazy!

A few hours later
We were still waiting for them to come out and more people started to gather. More filming was taken place so for half of the time, we (the people that were there) were told to be quiet, and of course we respected their wishes. As we where waiting, me and Olivia discussed how some people where just loud and all over the place. When it comes to these situations, I am the fan that likes to follow, but to also keep my distance; to respect the person by not invading their personal space and to not overwhelm them by screaming in their faces and jumping at them.

More fans came and waited for the celebrities to come out, and it was good timing also. A scene was being filmed with Xander standing outside. He did say hi to some of the people but I was too far for him to notice me.

Filming officially finished for the day and the staff where clearing the equipment. More fans gathered outside the door where Calvin and Xander where. Still waiting and I still wanted an individual picture with them. Becoming slowly frustrated and disappointed, I was going to give up.

Me and Olivia were sort of on a curfew so we gave up and headed home. For a second I felt really sad and felt like going to tear up ( I had to skip a 3 hour lecture and was totally regretting it), UNTIL! we saw a crowd of people on the other side of the footpath. I looked to see and there was a girl I recognized while waiting the whole day. I looked to the front of the crowd to see Xander and Calvin walking together, along with their managers and staff. The footpaths were merging and soon enough we where right behind them! And luckily enough, Olivia got some good pictures of them!

Xander wearing all black with glasses and a backpack waving goodbye and a little bit of Calvin on the left wearing a stripped singlet and a hat.

Calvin walking with his manager (wearing red)

And that was my adventure! It was nice seeing them, but I'm still debating whether it was worth not going to class. Some people were lucky enough to get photos in the morning but I found out too late. T_T

Thinking you wish you were there? Well I have some more info for you! They're going to be in a cafe somewhere on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Franklin Street at 7am. I would go if i was free but I unfortunately already have plans. 

In other news...

I bought a Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro! JB HiFi were having a 15% sale and I decided to take advantage of it and got it. I was needing a laptop or similar for uni and my laptop is almost 5 years old with many problems; cracked screen and constant overheating. So far I'm really happy with my purchase!

Have you guys had any celebrity encounters?


  1. *crazy fan mode on* Oh my Goood, you were so lucky!!! They look hot, especially Calvin! Lucky girl, nnow you have something to tell your grandchildren.. ahah

  2. You're so lucky !! I never met any celebrity I like... T^T Awww... maybe the day will come !

  3. I heard that they were coming to Australia but I didn't know it was Melbourne! How did it feel to meet them? I met NU'EST last time they came to Sydney and I was so starstruck (I'm not ever THAT big fans of them) that I couldn't do anything but stare.

    Dear, don't worry about whether or not skipping that class was worth it or not. Lots of people would want to be in your shoes! Just make up for it in your next class. ♡


  4. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! *A*

  5. You have a lovely blog


  6. LOLOL i tots forgot what happened that day LOL