23 March 2013

Loreal Fashion Week

So on Thursday me, Olivia and another friend decided to go one of the events during Loreal Fashion Week. Honestly, the only reason I went was for the freebees. The day itself was pretty bad with mini tornadoes going around the city. It was raining, windy and somehow sunny as well (if you live in Melbourne, you know what the weather's like). We got to the venue at 5pm and the event didn't start until 5.30. I'm glad we got there early because by the time we were allowed in, there was a huge ass line.

Megan Gale- the face of Loreal

At the event, you could get your makeup or nails done. Of course I decided to do my nails.
The colour I have on is 607 Rue Montmartre.

Now for the goodies!

Left to right: Full size nail polish in 216 Milk shake in LA, Full size Color Infailible Shadow in 014 Eternal Black, sample size Base Magique, travel size Elnett Satin hairspray

Sample Elvive Volume Collagen Texturising Shampoo

Samples of the EverPure Color Care System.

It was quite an interesting experience since I've never been to an event like this before. Have you guys gone to an event like this before? Do you have any Loreal product recommendations?

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