24 December 2013

Christmas is here!

I hope all you readers are having a great Christmas, whether if your with your families, friends or loved ones, remember to love each other not just on Christmas day, but all year round. My Christmas day is just spending time at home with the family, and going to have a little lamb feast (such an Aussie thing to do), wearing shorts and a t-shirt instead of Christmas jumpers with a huge chicken on the table while looking at the white snow.

Where ever you are, I hope you all have a safe holiday ^_^

1 Day till Christmas: Get ready for the Christmas party

Get your hair looking great with a deep conditioner - Macadamia Deep Repair Mask
Start smelling great with a nice smelling body wash - Moringa Shower Gel
Get your skin ready for pampering with an exfoliator - St Ives Green Tea Scub
Suck out all of the clogging oils with a clay or charcoal face mask - Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Put moisture back to your face with a hydrating sheet mask - Innisfree Shea Butter Natural Essential Mask

23 December 2013

2 Days till Christmas: Get your pearly whites on!

For a while now, I've been thinking about whitening my teeth. Professional whitening is super expensive, and whitening toothpaste never worked for me. I recently found these at Priceline and picked them up as I read this on a blog post (can't remember which blogger). My teeth have never been white and with the increase consumption of coffee, I've noticed my teeth are becoming alot more stained.

I've only used these 4 times in 3 days - twice the first day, and once the last two days, and already I've noticed a huge difference! I first tried these before I went to bed after I brushed my teeth. Within the first use I noticed that my front teeth were already a shade lighter, I couldn't believe it! I was just thinking that it must be the lighting, or that the concept was getting into my head and it was just me, not the actual product.

After 2 more uses I noticed a massive difference. My teeth are about 3 shades lighter! And the thing I love the most about this product is that it doesn't make my teeth sensitive at all. I normally do have slightly sensitive teeth, so if this product makes my teeth sensitive I would have noticed it right away, but I haven't noticed anything different about my teeth besides the colour of them. 

The one thing that I don't like about this product is the texture of the strips once they have broken down. The strips breakdown and become a gel forming a film around the teeth and some on the gums after about 3-5 minutes. It does have a slight mint taste, no different from your normal toothpaste (just not as strong), but the first time I used this, I hated the texture of it. It leaves a film all over the mouth if you try to swollow it. So what I recommend doing is either brushing your teeth again, or what I do is just not eat or talk or do anything that requires mouth movement and leave it for as long as possible and that way it will naturally go away.

And just another thing, these are suppose to come with 42 strips in the box, but out of boredom I counted how many strips were in the box and there were 47 strips... Not sure how that happened.

I totally recommend these if you're looking for a cheap alternative to professional whitening. These retail at $29.99 at Priceline.

3 Days till Christmas: Wishlist from Illamasqua

22 December 2013

4 Days till Christmas: Review on The Face Shop Mango Seed Cream

I bought this during the winter/spring transition as my skin was getting more dry patches and all that, and I saw this product (well to be specific, the mango seed butter, but I didn't get it as I wanted something lighter than a butter, the butter is in solid form) on Get It Beauty ( Korean beauty show) and this was voted as the best moisturiser in a blind test along with many other high end brands. 

The product claims that they have not added the 7 most common additives in skincare, but when I first opened that jar, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It's awfully fragrant! It took me a while for me to get use to the smell on my face, and it's not one of those smells that goes away in a short time. It takes about 10-15 minutes for me to not smell it/ get use to the smell. 

I like the packaging. It's pretty to leave on your vanity and alot more hygienic than other jar type packages; has a lid to protect the product from being exposed to the air as well as a small spatula to take the product out instead of using you fingers.

The consistency is between a normal cream and a thicker night cream. I mainly use this at night as I find that it is too heavy for day use under make-up. It does a good job of moisturising than alot of other products, but the scent of this is just too overwhelming. This product doesn't specifically say that it is fragrance free so those that have sensitive noses or skin then definitely stay away from this product. Otherwise, it's not too bad of a product. Personally I don't think I'll buy it again as the smell still gets me when I use it.

21 December 2013

5 Days till Christmas: Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

This hydrating mask will help brighten uneven skin tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars and discolorations from the sun. Skin lightening, natural ingredients like Kojic Acid, Licorice and Mulberry make this mask gentle for all skin types. Contains no Alpha Hydroxy Acids making it safe and gentle for acne erupted or very sensitive skin. 

I bought this in a search for a product to lighten my scars. I pretty much bought this on a whim without any reading of reviews on this, and I regret not doing so. This mask is to me, a mask that has the properties I hate about masks. The product dries up in the jar super quick, so I leave the film on it to protect it from drying out, it has a weird fruity smell which I don't really like, it dries super fast on the skin which makes your face into concrete and unable to move, and when removed it leave an oily film which can only be removed by washing the face with a proper cleanser, and to top that, I didn't notice any lightening of scars.

This was a total disappointment for me. I know that there are other products from this brand that are quite popular, but unfortunately this just isn't any good for me. 

20 December 2013

6 Days till Christmas: La Roche-Posay Purchase

Priceline now stocks La Roche-Posay! With so may bloggers and youtubers talking about this product, it would be weird if you've never heard this brand before. All of the products have thermal water sourced form France which is claimed to be beneficial to the skin. The brand has many products which are made for different skin concerns for the face as well as for the body. The brand has been popular recently for the Effaclar Duo for minor pimples and such, so when I first saw the brand I knew I had to try some of their products. 

Sensi White Lotion:
Enriched with Ginkgo and LHA to slough off over-pigmented dead cells and smooth skin's surface

Toleriane Ultra:
An ultra-soothing daily are that combines Neurosensine, a strong soothing agent, that targets signs of skin irritation and La Roche-Posay thermal spring water, naturally soothing and anti-irritating.

Sensi White Cream:
Combines 3 complimentary actions in a formula dedicated to sensitive Asian skin
1. Ferulic and Ginkgo to prevent over darkening
2. LHA to slough off dead skin cells and smooth skin's surface
3. Niacinamide to hold down the pro-irritating messengers, a major origin of over-darkening.

What attracted to me the most is that even though they are a French brand, they have products suited for Asian skin types. I personally think that you should use products from brands from the background of your skin, which is why I tend to use Asian brands. Have you tried any of La Roche-Posay products?

17 December 2013

8 Days till Christmas: Review on Etude House Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream

Adhesive, jelly texture gives firmness to the eye area, containing Baobab seed oil with abundant nutrients and moisture to nurture the dry skin area surrounding eyes. 

Apply to areas surrounding the eyes by gently dabbing with your fingertips. 

I initially bought this from watching a Korean beauty show 'Get it Beauty' as they voted this either number 1, but I specifically remember this being better than the SKII Eye Cream in a blind test, and I was thinking 'if this can beat a super expensive brand, why not give it a shot?'. 

As you can see, the consistency is more of a light cream rather than a jelly texture. Regardless, it still glides smoothly around the eye area. If you apply too much, the product won't absorb into the skin and will rub off when you touch the area. I also find that even if I use little product, I have to pat the product in until it's fully absorbed. I don't notice any firmness around the eyes as I'm not suffering from wrinkles ... yet, and I find that this doesn't give super moisture as I'd hoped. 

If you have normal/ oily skin who isn't too fussed about super hydrating your eye area than this product is for you. For me it's good for day and night as it isn't too heavy, but I do find that when my eyes are suffering from severe dryness, that this does not give enough moisture. 

9 Days till Christmas: My most reached products

When something is not right, these are the products that can usually solve these situations. 

When I want a 'pick me up' - Missha Fragrance in Stay Beside Me
 For some reason whenever I don't feel so good, a nice fragrance can boost my energy. This fragrance is super light so it won't become overwhelming throughout the day (I absolutely hate people who wear so much perfume that it smells like they showered in the stuff, and I've come across this many times). It's more of a floral scent than anything else, and I think it would be very suitable for those who are just new into fragrances as it isn't too strong or too floral.

When my hair is about to be frizzy - Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Mist
 I've raved about this a few times in my blog. It smells great, prevents tangles, makes hair a little shinier, and tames baby hairs. I use this right after my shower while my hair is damp, and sometimes when my hair is looking dull. 

Right before I sleep - Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
 I absolutely love this stuff. I love lip balms which are heavier in consistency as they will stay on my lips all night and moisturise them for the next day. This stuff never fails to impress me. It does what I want it to, and it smells so good I just want to eat it! 

When my face looks dull and needs a pop of colour - Nature Republic Berry Girls Lip Tint in Orange
 I bought this when I was in South Korea (I believe this product is discontinued) and the first use won me over. It's a watery cream consistency so it just glides on the lips. The colour is build-able, to a light orange colour, to an 'in your face' orange. It is slightly drying (but isn't as drying as other tints), but can be solved with a layer of lip balm on top.

When I don't want to wait forever - Sally Hansen Insta-dry Top Coat
 Although this top coat claims to dry within seconds, I don't think it does that very well. What I do for the best result is have my coloured polish and wait 5-10 minutes to dry (instead of the instructed 2) as I apply 2 thick layers, and use the top coat and wait for 2 minutes before I do anything. That way my nails will last for at least 3 days without any problems, and this is impressive as I cook, clean and all that jazz.

Do you have any products that work wonders for your beauty problems?

15 December 2013

10 Days till Christmas: How to relieve sensitive/irritated skin

So lately, my skin has been acting up again. My acne has flared up again so with the constant use of acne medication (both tropical and oral) my skin has become a lot more sensitive and as of today, my skin has come up in red blotches due to the overuse of treatments. Whenever this happens, I automatically change my skincare routine so that it is as gentle on my skin as possible, and I find that my sensitivity and irritation goes away within 3-5 days.

1. Change your products so that all/most are organic or natural as possible. 
 Try just washing your face with water, but if you really need to wash you face with a proper cleanser, find one that uses all organic ingredients that's free of all the bad stuff ESPECIALLY ANY ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE and also a dispenser that creates the foam for you. If you don't mind using raw products, try an oatmeal wash. I first heard this method from Bubzbeauty and at first I thought 'man that's alot of effort just to wash your face' as it is quite messy, but every time I use this method, my skin becomes less sensitive, less red, less painful (as sometimes my skin hurts when it's exposed to pretty much anything), and overall a lot smoother (it's also great for those who suffer from medical skin conditions such as eczema). What I do is get enough to cover the palm of my hand, soak in warm water and sort of grind it with my fingers so it turns into a paste, I use half of that to lightly rub it all over the face and the other half to use as sort of a mask; just smooth it all over the face and let it stay on the face for about 2-5 minutes. 

If you do have make-up to remove, I recommend using a cleansing oil and mixing that with a bit of olive oil. It requires minimal rubbing on the face compared to using a wipe or a traditional cleanser. The oil is smooth on the face and its makes the surface of the skin oily so that there's pretty much no harsh rubbing of the skin.

2. Minimise the amount you have physical contact to your skin.
 Don't dry your face with a cloth, don't rub your moisturiser into your skin, don't touch your face, do not exfoliate your skin. For a few years I've never used a towel or cloth to dry my face (if you have dry skin, why would you want to make your skin completely dry if you want moisture in your skin?), instead I use my palms to just pat the water on my face until it's absorbed, but this also means your face has to be 100% clean. If you have any left over dirt or make-up on your skin, that's just going to create pimples!

When applying moisturiser, just smooth a thin layer all over the face and let it dry naturally. If your using the right products, your skin will tell you by your skin just absorbing it without any effort. 

3. Avoid moisturising products that are made to target something (eg. acne, dark spots, wrinkles)
 These products will have an active ingredient which will target that property which will then continue to irritate your already irritated skin, which you don't want! 

4. Avoid going outside
 The sun will make your skin more sensitive, and the wind does the same so try to stay indoors

5. Minimise the amount of products you use on your face.
 As the saying goes 'too much of something can also be bad', so use no more than 3 products your face for moisture.

So to sum it up, here's what I do when I do end up with super irritated skin
- wash my face with water: splashing water on my face several times with cool water
- do an oatmeal wash (SUPER RECOMMENDED) and leave remaining oatmeal on the skin as a mask (I leave it on while I brush my teeth, and remove once I'm done)
- apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on my face and let that completely dry
- apply a moisturiser, either a gel (for those that have oily skin) or a cream (for dry skin)

That's it. When I do this, in about 3 days my skin improves dramatically and is almost completely healed. Within a week, my skin is back to normal. If your skin is prone to getting sensitive (like me), use the oatmeal wash at least once a week. I really hope these tips have helped, and if you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below. 

11 Days till Christmas: Wishlist from Nars

As Christmas is coming soon, I've been looking on different sites for new make-up and make-up brands to venture out in and Nars was the first brand that popped into my head. They are well known for the face and cheek products (Sheer Glow foundation, Orgasm blush and Laguna Bronzer). So while browsing through the Nars website, I thought I would share with you what I would buy to get the perfect look.

13 December 2013

12 Days till Christmas: My favourite brushes

So I've talked alot about make-up and skincare, but don't seem to mentioned brushes. They are the most useful tools when applying make-up as they can make your make-up look 100 times better than just using your fingers. Here are 5 of my brushes that I always use.

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face brush (Limited Edition)
Real Techniques Stippling brush
Sigma Round Kabuki brush F82
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Real Techniques Duo Fibre Eye Brush (Limited Edition)

As you can see, I absolutely love the Real Techniques brushes. They're great quality and no matter how many times I wash them, they never shed or go out of shape, not to mention they're super easy to clean. 

The Duo Fibre Face Brush is great for applying a light powder to set foundation, the stippling brush is great for thin/runny foundations where I want more of a fuller coverage, round kabuki brush is great for thicker foundations - you can stipple on foundation for a heavier coverage or buff foundation for a lighter coverage (the one thing I don't like about this brush is that it is a pain in the ass to wash, because the brush is so dense it's quite hard to get rid of all the old foundation), the base shadow brush is great for blending colours and easy application of a crease colour, and I actually use the duo fibre eye brush as a mini stippling brush for concealer. I find that when I use this with concealer it gives maximum coverage without looking cakey or extremely heavy. 

I still want more Real Techniques brushes. They're absolutely worth the money, so if your looking into investing in some brushes, these are the ones to go! Do you have a favourite make-up brush?

12 December 2013

13 Days till Christmas: Neutural Smokey Eye

Face of Australia Matte Eye Primer
The Balm Nude-tude Pallet: stand-offish - all over the lid
sultry - crease
sleek - as eyeliner
Lancome Definicils Mascara

11 December 2013

14 Days till Christmas: Purple Smokey eye

Face of Australia Matte Eye Primer
The Balm Nude-tude pallet: stubborn - inner corner
sexy - all over the lid
serious - outer corner
sultry - crease colour
Tony Moly Party Lover Liquid Eye liner
Lancome Definicils Mascara

15 Days till Christmas: My Revlon Lip Butters Collection

I remember when these came out, people were literally obsessing over these claiming these to be one of the best lip products out there. So when these first launched in Australia, I had to get my hands on them. 

I bought Creme Brule, Tutti Frutti and Berry Smootie, while Sugar Plum was in a gift bundle I got from Priceline. Creme Brule is a great nude colour for pale skin tones with yellow undertones. I find that other nudes make me look really dead like a zombie. Most nudes have a neutral or pink undertone which usually give that zombie look. I personally prefer nudes that have a brown undertone as they do give a nude lip but more colour (if that makes sense). I couldn't help myself from getting a typical bright orange colour. I think this is one of the brighter colours and it's great for those wanting to try out an orange/coral colour as the colour can be sheer and built up to a pigmented orange. Berry Smoothie is a dark pink which I like as for some reason light pinks don't look so good on me. Sugar plum is not a colour I would have bought myself as it is quite a dark plum pink colour. 

One of the reasons why these became so popular was because they had the pigmentation of a lipstick but had the formula and feel of a lip balm. Some, not all, have the pigmentation of a lipstick, but to me they definitely do not compare to a lip balm/ butter. My lips are naturally quite dry and chapped so no matter what, I cannot go without a lip balm, and that includes using these products. They are moisturising enough so that my lips don't look dry and chapped, but the feel just isn't the same. They also don't last long either, a maximum of 4 hours without eating or drinking. 

Overall for me, these were over-hyped products. They are great for those who are just getting to lip products, but I still prefer a traditional lipstick over these. 

10 December 2013

16 Days till Christmas: Another Nomination

So I was nominated by "The Certified Late Bloomer" for the Liebster award. I've done questions for this award previously (but different questions of course) so check them out:

Liebster award
Liebster award 2
Liebster and Versatile award (again?)

So lets go on with the questions!

1. Favorite type of music and what song your addicted to right now?
 I pretty much only listen to KPOP, some mainstream and others not so well known, but I'd say I'm an all rounder. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood. But here are 5 I've been liking alot lately
 G-Dragon - Who you?

 YoonHan - Man on Piano
 Kim Jaejoong - Just another girl
 Trouble Maker - Volume up 
 Block B - Nice day

2.  Cooking or baking lately?  What's the weirdest reaction that you got when someone tasted your creation?
 I've been cooking for years, but I actually enjoy baking alot more. I haven't gotten a weird reaction, as everyone who has had my cooking/baking so far have liked it ^_^

3.  I always ask this, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Or are you a cake person?
 I like pretty much all 'normal' flavours except bubblegum, but the two flavours I usually go for when buying ice-cream is cookies and cream and mint choc-chip. I also really love strawberry cheesecake, or anything cheesecake!

4.  What is your biggest dream in life that you think is hard to achieve?
 To be honest I've never had a dream that I wanted to go out and actually go out and achieve (or try to achieve) in my life. I try to live the day as it comes, and take as many opportunities up as I can. 

5. Hey since it's Christmas/Holiday Season, what is on the top of your wishlist?
 My family doesn't celebrate Christmas as we are not people who are very festive, and to be honest I don't really have anything I want right now, beauty wise.

6.  Biggest fear or fascination in life?
 My biggest fear is seriously, anything that flies whether it be bugs, birds or toy planes (although I don't mind being on an aeroplane). If there is a flying bug in my room I will either stay outside of my room or hide under my blanket (and eventually suffocate myself). Seriously, within the last month, I've gotten at least 5 huge moths in my room... T_T

7.  Why did you start blogging anyway?
 I was greatly inspired by alot of youtubers and bloggers, but I didn't actually decide to make a blog until one of my friends made one. It has really opened my opportunities and I think it has improved my thoughts and ideas.

8.  Bookworm?  Movie goer? What is the best book/movie that you've read/seen so far?
 I don't mind both, so long as they are my taste. I find it really hard for me to get into a book I really like, but one of the best books (and movies) I've really enjoyed this year is the The Hunger Games series. I absolutely loved the books (I had to stop myself from reading too much at once, to enjoy the 'feels' it gives me), the first movie I thought wasn't too bad but the second movie... oh man.... IT WAS SOO GOOD! I'm actually contemplating whether I should go out and watch it again.

9. The one product that you can't live without is?
 Sunscreen! I've been relying on sunscreen alot these days, as it is summer in Australia, and I'm trying to lighten my acne scarring.

10. The best place that you've been and always been dreaming of coming back.
 I've only been overseas twice - Vietnam (my heritage) which I went to when I was 2, and haven't had the opportunity to go since then, and South Korea which I absolutely loved! If I had to choose only two places I could go for the rest of my life, it would be those places.

11. Let's be cheesy, who is your ultimate crush?
 I don't have a 'real life' crush as of now, but man... the Hemsworth brothers... they are to drool for! - especially Liam.

That's it guys! If you want to do these questions, feel free to and leave a link in the comments so I can read them. If you have any suggestions for this countdown (as I am slowly running out of ideas), also leave a comment below. ^_^

8 December 2013

17 Days till Christmas: Review on Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

So I've had this product for a while now, but I've only gotten a few uses out of it. The lastest craze after the BB cream, CC cream is made to even out skin tone with minimal coverage creating dewy skin that looks like you've got nothing on your skin. To be honest, the only reason I bought this was from a commercial JYJ did (slowly revealing to you guys how crazy I am about TVXQ/JYJ (always keep the faith), check it out here).

Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream features whitening, wrinkle improvement, as well as UV protection

As you can see from the picture, the cream has little beads which releases pigment when rubbed into the skin. The white cream does give a slight white cast when applied on the skin, but that is suppose to give 'brightness' to the skin - but that fades as the day goes on, as well as having a dewy finish (which is one of the main looks in the South Korean beauty trend).

This product would be great for those who already have great skin and do not need to cover anything major. I use this as a base on days where my skin looks dull and when I want a more natural coverage, rather than my usual matte face. One thing I don't like about this, is that it's not really buildable. Applying more than one layer does not mean more coverage, instead it sort of rubs and removes the first layer. The packaging seems quite luxurious as it is a sleek tube made of a heavy plastic, so if you accidentally drop it, it won't break.

One of the main down sides to BB creams was that most South Korean brands would only have one or two shades, for CC creams, because they are so sheer having little to no coverage, one shade will cover a wider range of skin shades. But again, Tony Moly has this product only in one shade, so if your skin is more darker than the typical asian, than this product might not match your skin tone.
- a little bit of product goes a long way
- creates a dewy finish

- brightens skin tone
- great base product for dry skin
- evens out skin tone
- moisturises the skin
- hygienic and sturdy packaging

- not buildable
- extremely sheer coverage, almost giving no coverage
- requires rubbing which may irritate some skin types
- not suitable for those living in humid/ hot climates as this will just melt off
- only one shade

7 December 2013

18 Days till Christmas: Comparison of Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream and Signature Real Complete BB cream

All beauty fanatics will know a few things a about BB cream- one of the biggest hypes in the beauty industry. It's popular in both western and asian societies and alot of brands have come out with their own take on the BB cream. South Korea was one of the first countries to use BB creams as a cosmetic product. When I first got into makeup, one of the first brands I heard of was actually Missha. They are mainly known for their BB creams, so when I went to South Korea back in 2012 I couldn't walk away without their BB creams. 

Alot of hype goes to the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, but Missha claims that their Signature Real Complete BB cream is their best seller. For this post I'm going to do a comparison to see which one is better.

Left: Perfect Cover BB Cream,
Right: Signature Real Complete BB cream

Left: Perfect Cover BB Cream
Right: Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Out of the two, I tried the Perfect Cover BB cream first because this was the one I've heard the most about. With the first few uses, I was quite happy with it, but then I started to notice a few flaws with it. It does have a strong pink undertone and can appear grey in different lighting/environment, quite dewy, and does oxidise to a darker colour. Then I started to use the Signature Real Complete BB cream. 

To my surprise, I ended up liking the Signature Real Complete BB cream alot more than the other BB cream. It matched more to my skin tone (as you can see from the picture above) because it was more yellow based - having less of a pink/grey undertone to it, has a thicker coverage and consistency which allows me to get away with concealer on my good skin days, and has a matte finish. 

I bought both of the products in the same shade number (#23) but they are not the same colour. 

Overall I would actually recommend the Signature Real Complete BB cream over the Perfect Cover BB Cream. If you have less of a yellow undertone and don't require much coverage, go for the Perfect Cover BB cream, but if you have more of a yellow undertone and do like a heavier coverage product, then try out the Signature Real Complete BB Cream.

6 December 2013

19 Days till Christmas: Review on Ren F10 Smooth and Renew Mask

I've realised that alot of youtubers and bloggers have talked about products from Ren. They have quite alot of products within the brand, so I'd thought I would give this product a go as it is suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Formulated to gently exfoliate and detoxify, this gel mask will promote skin renewal and leave 

the complexion looking smooth, toned and radiant. 

Claims: gently exfoliates and renews complexion, skin looks smoother, brighter and healthier

Apply a generous amount onto clean skin, leave on for 10 minutes and remove using the cloth 

provided and wash.

More information here

As you can see, it is a gel consistency with bits of exfoliators in it. I'm not sure if it's the exfoliators itself that exfoliate the skin or the gel (or possibly both), either way it does a great job of removing the dead skin on my face without scrubbing vigorously on the skin. Because it is a gel type mask, it doesn't dry on the skin (which I like about it, I absolutely hate the feeling of tight skin when using masks) so it's best to keep your hair out of the way. 

I use this after washing my face and applying a thin layer on dry skin, avoiding the eye area. With a few uses my skin got a bit red during the mask, but it didn't feel irritated - which I assume it just being a reaction to a new product. After a few uses I did notice a difference in my skin; felt alot smoother, less blackheads around my chin and forehead, and I found my skin became less dry. Ever since using this my skin is more combination skin (my skin use to be fairy dry). 

It does have a slight citrus scent to it with something else I can't put my finger on, which shouldn't bother those that are sensitive to fragrances. 

- gently exfoliates without vigorously scrubbing on the face
- made for sensitive skin types
- pleasant citrus scent
- hygienic packaging, and easy to use
- product is protected from the air/ oxygen as it is covered by a cap, and product itself is encased in a bag

None that I can think of

I do think that this product claims are true (for once, haha). I'm keeping an eye on alot of other Ren products. Do you use Ren?

20 Days till Christmas: Product empties #5

Hi guys!

So with the festive season upon us, I decided to do a series of blog posts, one for each day up to Christmas. If you have any suggestions on what I should review/discuss, leave them in the comments and I'll see what I can do. This post will be on products that I have used up.

DDF Blemish Foaming Cleanser
I was given this by a relative while my skin was acting horribly from acne. I was quite scared to use this because the product itself was a bright blue colour. Within about 2 weeks I saw a difference in my skin. It did clear my acne (to an extent) but it is quite strong. Will recommend this product to those suffering from relatively strong acne, but if you have super sensitive skin then stay away from this. I found if I used it everyday for about 5 days, my skin would get super sensitive and dry. I will repurchase at some point.

Innisfree Camellia Sun Hair Mist
I mentioned this a few times in my blog and I don't have any bad comments about it. It's great for a moisture boost for my hair, prevents tangles during drying of my hair, smells really nice, and the list goes on. If you get the chance to try this out, you definitely should!

Etude House Aloe Moistful First Essence and Soothing Lotion 
I got these large sample sizes from a G-Market order a while back and it took me a while to use them up; for some reason I never use my samples. I would use the first essence then the soothing lotion as my first steps of my routine after cleansing. They are the basics to skincare features as they target the moisture component. These would be great for those who have just gotten into skincare, or have just really great skin in the beginning. If you have super sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrance then stay away from these, as they are quite heavily fragranced.

SK-II Stempower
I've seen this in South Korean ads, so I'm not sure if they sell this in western SK-II counters. This targets wrinkles and fine lines. I didn't notice anything as I don't have any wrinkles, although I did find this to not be as hydrating as other creams I've used in the past.

My mission to finish products in the urge to buy more is happening quite slowly. Do you have any holy grail products that you have purchased constantly?