27 June 2012

South Korea Beauty Haul

I bought quite a few beauty products while I was in South Korea, so I decided to share with you guys on what I bought and my thoughts on them. Here we go!

INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 

This clay mask I've used only once, and so far I think its a really good product. It reduces the size of pores and absorbs all of the excess oil on my face. Although I do have dry skin, I use this in areas where my pores are quite big; my T-zone. I definately would recommend this for those with oily skin and those that are having troubles with large pores.


INNISFREE Mineral Powder No# 2

I use this on days where I don't feel like using liquid foundations or B.B creams, and it gives a light, even coverage on the skin. It does have colour to it so make sure when buying this to check the colour first. This does have a light floral scent to it, but it isn't  noticeable when you apply it on your face. Can't say whether it controls oil on the face, but I think this would be great for those who have normal to dry skin. It doesn't show any signs of dry patches and looks super natural on the skin.

The one thing I don't like about this is the packaging. It comes with a puff which is connected to the actual part which has the product so it can be easily applied on the go, but this can also cause bacteria to build up as you continue to use this. I unscrew the puff off when I use this, but the problem is that the powder isn't protected so it can cause quite a mess. 

rating: 4/5

INNISFREE Mineral Shimmering Powder 

I use this as a highlighter and it works really nicely. It does have glitters but they aren't chunky, the powder itself is quite fine and blends easily. the glitters are more pink coloured than any other colour which is quite nice for those with pink undertones since it doesn't make the face too pink. It has a typical face powder smell, but isn't too strong. One thing about this product is that it doesn't last very long on the skin. When first applied on the face it makes my skin look really healthy and dewy, but after about an hour or two you can't really see the product. 


left: mineral powder
right: shimmering powder


TONY MOLY Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection(bottom) & Backstage Gel Eye Collection(top)

The Self Smoky Eye Collection has two shimmery eye shadows (light and dark grey) and a gel eye liner which is quite handy for those that what to create a smoky look. I got it in no#1 grey smoky.

This line has just the eye liner and comes in a few different colours. Since I have so many black liners, I thought of getting a different colour that I can still use everyday. I chose no#8 khaki black

I really like the packaging on these because it comes with a brush on the top, which is really handing for on the go, and to bring along for touch-ups. 

Both eye liners glide like a dream and blend really easily. I actually prefer the Khaki Black because of its colour and stain power. It has a black base with a green undertone and green/gold glitters in it. it looks really natural on the eyes, not too loud and isn't too dark and intense like a black liner. I have extremely oily eyelids and this does not budge at all. I can wear this in the morning and come home at night and this liner will stay put!

The other liner however I can't say the same thing. Its more creamy than the other liner and you don't need as much product when you apply it on the eyes and the colour is a true black. But it will smudge without a primer and without setting it with some sort of eye shadow. The shadows that come with it do smudge and has quite a bit of fallout. The colour is pretty but is nothing special. 

If you chose to try out a liner from TONY MOLY, I definitely recommend the backstage gel eye collection.

self smoky eye: 3/5
gel eye: 5/5

NATURE REPUBLIC Pretty Tree Auto Eyeliner

When I buy any type of pencil liners, I go for auto ones just because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to sharpening and I find that it wastes quite alot of product while you sharpen. I wanted to see whether pencil liners were different to western ones. I fins that this one has a creamy texture which makes it easy to apply and blend. This particular liner does smudge but isn't too bad compared to other pencil liners. I got this in no#2 pearl black( νŽ„λΈ”λž™). The packaging for this is really pretty and quite strong since the casing is made from metal, doesn't feel cheap. It has the liner on one end and a foam blender on the other which is handy when you want to apply this and blend it without using your fingers.

rating: 3/5

 left to right: Nature Republic Auto liner, Tony Moly Gel Eye, Tony Moly Self Smoky, Tony Moly shadow (light grey, dark grey)

It's Skin Mini Tint Gloss (left), Nature Republic Berry Girls Lip Tint(top), Etude House Dear Darling Tint(bottom)

 Left to right: Etude House Dear Darling Tint, Nature Republic Tint, It's Skin Gloss

 Applicator for Etude House Dear Darling Tint

I wanted to try out this lip product to see what its like. Its definitely more like a stain than a lip gloss. I got it in no#3 orange date. This is more like a blood red than an orange and is quite intense on the lips. The colour is a deep red on the lips and would work great under a red lipstick. I wouldn't wear this alone though because it is a bit drying on the lips, but this does stay on the lips literally all day long even after eating and drinking. I bight my lips alot, and this product shows the discolouration in my lips and for some reason, I find that my upper lip doesn't end up absorbing the colour like my bottom lip so my lips end up being two different shades of red. This does have a smell to it. Quite sweet but it doesn't smell like anything in particular. 

rating: 2/5
Applicator for It's Skin Mini Tint Gloss

First of all, this smells like a lolly! It has a sweet smell to it which makes me want to eat it! I bought this because it was really cheap in Korea, about $2 AUS. It's a nice gloss and does have a light pink colour to it which does go on the lips. It makes my lips super glossy without feeling sticky. It doesn't have any glitters in it which I like. This does come off the lips easily so I would have to apply it more often then I would like. I got it in no#1 cherry syrup.

rating: 3/5

Applicator for Nature Republic Berry Girls Lip Tint

This is also more like a lip stain. This has to be so far my favourite lip product! I got it in no#3 berry orange. The colour is more pink than orange, but still very flattering on the lips. It isn't as drying as the Etude House tint, but it doesn't last as long. The taste of this isn't one you want to put in your mouth  because it isn't very good and the smell isn't as good as I thought it would be. But otherwise, I love everything else about it. The packaging is pretty and doesn't look too cheap. 


It's Skin Macaroon Lip Balm

I got the green one and this smells super sweet which I love! I love the packaging and the smell but otherwise the product itself is like a normal lip balm. I was dabating on whether I should buy more since it was almost $6 AUS which I think is kinda pricey. I think that if you want to buy something for the sake of buying something, then this would be nice to have, but otherwise pass on this one since there are better lip balms on the market.

rating: 3/5

That's finally it. There are a few more products that I've left out just because this post would end up too long than it already is. Leave a comment if you want to see more of what I bought while I was in South Korea, whether beauty or fashion related items. ^_^ See you soon!


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  4. Hello! Thank you for the swatches and lovely haul.
    Can you please do a review on the Nature's Republic Berry Girl lip tint? Or atleast tell me how it shows up on the lips or cheeks? I'm trying to find a pure orange tint but it's really hard.

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