27 June 2012

South Korea Clothing Haul

This post has been requested by my good friend Olivia! If you have time, please check out here blog here: http://oliviiaaaaa.blogspot.com.au/

Honestly I didn't get to buy as much clothes as I hoped, but the ones that I purchased I'm quite happy with. So here it goes!

Long knitted shirt(cream)

Long knitted shirt(green)

Cape (sand): $45

I got these three items in an area called Dong Dae Moon, which have a few building dedicated to fashion. What I loved about this place was the variety of clothes you can get and the price. Most stores don't have a set price so you can bargain and save money! The jacket is one of my favourite pieces. It cost about $45 AUS which I found super cheap considering the quality of it. It doesn't have a defined cut sleeve, it's more like a cape and it's also super warm. I went to Korea in February when it was quite cold and most days were snowing. 

 Trench coat(navy blue): $27 AUS

 Casual blazer(camel brown): $15 AUS

 More sophisticated blazer(navy blue): $17 AUS

The three jackets above are from Forever 21. Australia doesn't have Forever 21 so I could not pass on the opportunity to check out their stuff, and what surprised me the most is the variety that they had and again the price. All these jackets were all under $30 AUS each! which is pretty hard to find in Australian stores T_T

 Arm warmers: 2 for $5 deal
black scarf: $7

These three items I actually got in a little store in the subway. They mainly sell accessories for really cheap. I can't say that these have the greatest quality, but they do keep me warm. The scarf is quite a hassle to handle though. It's super long and thick and can be annoying because it makes my hair all tangled at the back and it can be stretched easily, creating holes and empty gaps. 

So if you do decide to go to South Korea for a holiday, I definitely recommend you to go to their local stores and see what suits your style. They have great variety and you can find bargains depending on where you go. ^_^ See you soon!

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  1. yay! i feel special :)
    thankyou trang!
    i remeber seeing you wear that cape in the photos on facebook xD