26 June 2014

Life Update (near death experience?)

Hi guys!

Life update:
Ah, when study takes the lead of your life... Three weeks went by, studying for exams. I've literally been studying non-stop (except for a few days, which I will tell you guys in a moment) at home enclosed in my room. And so I'm officially on break for the next month or so. FREEDOM! I'm starting a hospitality course in a week or so (which will hopefully increase my chances of getting a real job when I get my university degree) and I'm super excited to do it! I will update you guys on how that goes. I mean making proper cafe style coffee and alcoholic drinks, how can that not sound fun?

Now back to the real story as to why I'm writing a life update. Something pretty major (yet not really major) happened a few days ago. It all happened Saturday morning at 8am, was sleeping, as people do, when I was woken by a loud sound of cracking. When I opened my eyes everything in my sight was falling. Literally. I was facing the ceiling when it fell. Completely. In a matter of seconds my room was full of plaster, insulation and years (approximately 18+ years) of dust build up. I was covered in all of it and still covered in my blankets. My face was saved from being smashed from my bed frame (which I've always hated, but now fully appreciate). Being so shocked I was screaming for help. Mum was in the kitchen and dad was getting ready for work. My mum was the first to see what happened to the room and so shocked from what had happened was crying for my dad to save me from the rubble. I got out safely with the help of my dad, fortunately no injuries at all. Not even a scratch. Was a little shaken from the event, but other than that, was completely ok. 

Spent that whole day dealing with the mess; calling SES (state emergency services) to help clean the room, calling the insurance company and waiting for the builder and electrician to come, 1. to make sure that the room will be safe and from causing further damage to the house, and 2. the lights in the house was cut off and needed to be fixed before sunset.

The few days after that was literally spending hours at a time removing the dust from my personal belongings and cleaning the house from all the dust that was spreading.

The cause of this accident: absolutely no idea. 
There was no strong winds, and the roof was completely in tact and no exposed tiles, there was no rain in weeks, and the construction of the roof was done properly. So technically, this was never suppose to happen. All we can do was clean up the mess and hope that insurance can cover the rebuilding of the ceiling.

The main point of all of this:
To be thankful for at least a roof over my head, being safe and sound without any injuries and to be thankful for family. 

2 June 2014

Worth the hype? Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hi guys!

So from the heading, this post is going to be about the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I have to say, that I tried this quite a while back (it was my first every foundation that I've purchased) and I feel like it has changed quite a bit overall. So lets get into it!

Normal to dry skin
150 Buff

First thing I notice. IT HAS A PUMP! Finally after years of many people complaining about the foundation not having a pump, it's finally got it! Yes! When I first applied this to my face, the first thought was 'it's so thin'. The foundation I remember was extremely thick and I remember it having a smell to it (though I don't remember what the smell itself was). I'd say that it's a good medium coverage, while I remember it to be pretty full coverage. I definitely prefer this formula more because you have time to work this into your skin. I would say that it's a natural to slightly matte finish, though I powder all my foundations to prolong the wear. This claims to last 24 hours. The maximum I've worn this is 12-14 hours and it does pretty good. Overall it does stay on the face (doesn't fade) though it does start to show my dry patches after about 8 hours. The colour match is pretty much perfect for me, and I don't notice any oxidation (darkness in colour) throughout the day.

I absolutely love this stuff! This has replaced my holy grail foundation which use to be the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I use this pretty much every time I wear make up. Definitely worth the hype. Have you tried this before?