2 June 2014

Worth the hype? Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hi guys!

So from the heading, this post is going to be about the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I have to say, that I tried this quite a while back (it was my first every foundation that I've purchased) and I feel like it has changed quite a bit overall. So lets get into it!

Normal to dry skin
150 Buff

First thing I notice. IT HAS A PUMP! Finally after years of many people complaining about the foundation not having a pump, it's finally got it! Yes! When I first applied this to my face, the first thought was 'it's so thin'. The foundation I remember was extremely thick and I remember it having a smell to it (though I don't remember what the smell itself was). I'd say that it's a good medium coverage, while I remember it to be pretty full coverage. I definitely prefer this formula more because you have time to work this into your skin. I would say that it's a natural to slightly matte finish, though I powder all my foundations to prolong the wear. This claims to last 24 hours. The maximum I've worn this is 12-14 hours and it does pretty good. Overall it does stay on the face (doesn't fade) though it does start to show my dry patches after about 8 hours. The colour match is pretty much perfect for me, and I don't notice any oxidation (darkness in colour) throughout the day.

I absolutely love this stuff! This has replaced my holy grail foundation which use to be the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I use this pretty much every time I wear make up. Definitely worth the hype. Have you tried this before?


  1. really nice foundation (it seems like it suits my taste)

  2. I hear so many great things about this, I really should give it a try! My holy grail foundation is the urban decay naked foundation!

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  4. Wow!! a great product! feels like it works great on dry skins. Thanks for sharing X :)