11 December 2013

15 Days till Christmas: My Revlon Lip Butters Collection

I remember when these came out, people were literally obsessing over these claiming these to be one of the best lip products out there. So when these first launched in Australia, I had to get my hands on them. 

I bought Creme Brule, Tutti Frutti and Berry Smootie, while Sugar Plum was in a gift bundle I got from Priceline. Creme Brule is a great nude colour for pale skin tones with yellow undertones. I find that other nudes make me look really dead like a zombie. Most nudes have a neutral or pink undertone which usually give that zombie look. I personally prefer nudes that have a brown undertone as they do give a nude lip but more colour (if that makes sense). I couldn't help myself from getting a typical bright orange colour. I think this is one of the brighter colours and it's great for those wanting to try out an orange/coral colour as the colour can be sheer and built up to a pigmented orange. Berry Smoothie is a dark pink which I like as for some reason light pinks don't look so good on me. Sugar plum is not a colour I would have bought myself as it is quite a dark plum pink colour. 

One of the reasons why these became so popular was because they had the pigmentation of a lipstick but had the formula and feel of a lip balm. Some, not all, have the pigmentation of a lipstick, but to me they definitely do not compare to a lip balm/ butter. My lips are naturally quite dry and chapped so no matter what, I cannot go without a lip balm, and that includes using these products. They are moisturising enough so that my lips don't look dry and chapped, but the feel just isn't the same. They also don't last long either, a maximum of 4 hours without eating or drinking. 

Overall for me, these were over-hyped products. They are great for those who are just getting to lip products, but I still prefer a traditional lipstick over these. 

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  1. Phew, I wasn't the only one who thought they weren't worth the hype! Although I have to admit Berry Smoothie does look gorgeous. Hahaha