17 December 2013

9 Days till Christmas: My most reached products

When something is not right, these are the products that can usually solve these situations. 

When I want a 'pick me up' - Missha Fragrance in Stay Beside Me
 For some reason whenever I don't feel so good, a nice fragrance can boost my energy. This fragrance is super light so it won't become overwhelming throughout the day (I absolutely hate people who wear so much perfume that it smells like they showered in the stuff, and I've come across this many times). It's more of a floral scent than anything else, and I think it would be very suitable for those who are just new into fragrances as it isn't too strong or too floral.

When my hair is about to be frizzy - Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Mist
 I've raved about this a few times in my blog. It smells great, prevents tangles, makes hair a little shinier, and tames baby hairs. I use this right after my shower while my hair is damp, and sometimes when my hair is looking dull. 

Right before I sleep - Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
 I absolutely love this stuff. I love lip balms which are heavier in consistency as they will stay on my lips all night and moisturise them for the next day. This stuff never fails to impress me. It does what I want it to, and it smells so good I just want to eat it! 

When my face looks dull and needs a pop of colour - Nature Republic Berry Girls Lip Tint in Orange
 I bought this when I was in South Korea (I believe this product is discontinued) and the first use won me over. It's a watery cream consistency so it just glides on the lips. The colour is build-able, to a light orange colour, to an 'in your face' orange. It is slightly drying (but isn't as drying as other tints), but can be solved with a layer of lip balm on top.

When I don't want to wait forever - Sally Hansen Insta-dry Top Coat
 Although this top coat claims to dry within seconds, I don't think it does that very well. What I do for the best result is have my coloured polish and wait 5-10 minutes to dry (instead of the instructed 2) as I apply 2 thick layers, and use the top coat and wait for 2 minutes before I do anything. That way my nails will last for at least 3 days without any problems, and this is impressive as I cook, clean and all that jazz.

Do you have any products that work wonders for your beauty problems?

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