10 December 2013

16 Days till Christmas: Another Nomination

So I was nominated by "The Certified Late Bloomer" for the Liebster award. I've done questions for this award previously (but different questions of course) so check them out:

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So lets go on with the questions!

1. Favorite type of music and what song your addicted to right now?
 I pretty much only listen to KPOP, some mainstream and others not so well known, but I'd say I'm an all rounder. The type of music I listen to depends on my mood. But here are 5 I've been liking alot lately
 G-Dragon - Who you?

 YoonHan - Man on Piano
 Kim Jaejoong - Just another girl
 Trouble Maker - Volume up 
 Block B - Nice day

2.  Cooking or baking lately?  What's the weirdest reaction that you got when someone tasted your creation?
 I've been cooking for years, but I actually enjoy baking alot more. I haven't gotten a weird reaction, as everyone who has had my cooking/baking so far have liked it ^_^

3.  I always ask this, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Or are you a cake person?
 I like pretty much all 'normal' flavours except bubblegum, but the two flavours I usually go for when buying ice-cream is cookies and cream and mint choc-chip. I also really love strawberry cheesecake, or anything cheesecake!

4.  What is your biggest dream in life that you think is hard to achieve?
 To be honest I've never had a dream that I wanted to go out and actually go out and achieve (or try to achieve) in my life. I try to live the day as it comes, and take as many opportunities up as I can. 

5. Hey since it's Christmas/Holiday Season, what is on the top of your wishlist?
 My family doesn't celebrate Christmas as we are not people who are very festive, and to be honest I don't really have anything I want right now, beauty wise.

6.  Biggest fear or fascination in life?
 My biggest fear is seriously, anything that flies whether it be bugs, birds or toy planes (although I don't mind being on an aeroplane). If there is a flying bug in my room I will either stay outside of my room or hide under my blanket (and eventually suffocate myself). Seriously, within the last month, I've gotten at least 5 huge moths in my room... T_T

7.  Why did you start blogging anyway?
 I was greatly inspired by alot of youtubers and bloggers, but I didn't actually decide to make a blog until one of my friends made one. It has really opened my opportunities and I think it has improved my thoughts and ideas.

8.  Bookworm?  Movie goer? What is the best book/movie that you've read/seen so far?
 I don't mind both, so long as they are my taste. I find it really hard for me to get into a book I really like, but one of the best books (and movies) I've really enjoyed this year is the The Hunger Games series. I absolutely loved the books (I had to stop myself from reading too much at once, to enjoy the 'feels' it gives me), the first movie I thought wasn't too bad but the second movie... oh man.... IT WAS SOO GOOD! I'm actually contemplating whether I should go out and watch it again.

9. The one product that you can't live without is?
 Sunscreen! I've been relying on sunscreen alot these days, as it is summer in Australia, and I'm trying to lighten my acne scarring.

10. The best place that you've been and always been dreaming of coming back.
 I've only been overseas twice - Vietnam (my heritage) which I went to when I was 2, and haven't had the opportunity to go since then, and South Korea which I absolutely loved! If I had to choose only two places I could go for the rest of my life, it would be those places.

11. Let's be cheesy, who is your ultimate crush?
 I don't have a 'real life' crush as of now, but man... the Hemsworth brothers... they are to drool for! - especially Liam.

That's it guys! If you want to do these questions, feel free to and leave a link in the comments so I can read them. If you have any suggestions for this countdown (as I am slowly running out of ideas), also leave a comment below. ^_^

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  1. mint choc-chip ice cream!!! although people find it weird because they say it taste like toothpaste but I love it anyway, and true that the Catching Fire movie is awesome way better than the first :) bad moths, they should stay away from your room