23 December 2013

2 Days till Christmas: Get your pearly whites on!

For a while now, I've been thinking about whitening my teeth. Professional whitening is super expensive, and whitening toothpaste never worked for me. I recently found these at Priceline and picked them up as I read this on a blog post (can't remember which blogger). My teeth have never been white and with the increase consumption of coffee, I've noticed my teeth are becoming alot more stained.

I've only used these 4 times in 3 days - twice the first day, and once the last two days, and already I've noticed a huge difference! I first tried these before I went to bed after I brushed my teeth. Within the first use I noticed that my front teeth were already a shade lighter, I couldn't believe it! I was just thinking that it must be the lighting, or that the concept was getting into my head and it was just me, not the actual product.

After 2 more uses I noticed a massive difference. My teeth are about 3 shades lighter! And the thing I love the most about this product is that it doesn't make my teeth sensitive at all. I normally do have slightly sensitive teeth, so if this product makes my teeth sensitive I would have noticed it right away, but I haven't noticed anything different about my teeth besides the colour of them. 

The one thing that I don't like about this product is the texture of the strips once they have broken down. The strips breakdown and become a gel forming a film around the teeth and some on the gums after about 3-5 minutes. It does have a slight mint taste, no different from your normal toothpaste (just not as strong), but the first time I used this, I hated the texture of it. It leaves a film all over the mouth if you try to swollow it. So what I recommend doing is either brushing your teeth again, or what I do is just not eat or talk or do anything that requires mouth movement and leave it for as long as possible and that way it will naturally go away.

And just another thing, these are suppose to come with 42 strips in the box, but out of boredom I counted how many strips were in the box and there were 47 strips... Not sure how that happened.

I totally recommend these if you're looking for a cheap alternative to professional whitening. These retail at $29.99 at Priceline.

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  1. My teeth have never been white as well, so I never like to smile with my teeth in camera because it always comes off a lot yellow than in person D: thanks for the recommendation, I have got to try this!