7 December 2013

18 Days till Christmas: Comparison of Missha's Perfect Cover BB cream and Signature Real Complete BB cream

All beauty fanatics will know a few things a about BB cream- one of the biggest hypes in the beauty industry. It's popular in both western and asian societies and alot of brands have come out with their own take on the BB cream. South Korea was one of the first countries to use BB creams as a cosmetic product. When I first got into makeup, one of the first brands I heard of was actually Missha. They are mainly known for their BB creams, so when I went to South Korea back in 2012 I couldn't walk away without their BB creams. 

Alot of hype goes to the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, but Missha claims that their Signature Real Complete BB cream is their best seller. For this post I'm going to do a comparison to see which one is better.

Left: Perfect Cover BB Cream,
Right: Signature Real Complete BB cream

Left: Perfect Cover BB Cream
Right: Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Out of the two, I tried the Perfect Cover BB cream first because this was the one I've heard the most about. With the first few uses, I was quite happy with it, but then I started to notice a few flaws with it. It does have a strong pink undertone and can appear grey in different lighting/environment, quite dewy, and does oxidise to a darker colour. Then I started to use the Signature Real Complete BB cream. 

To my surprise, I ended up liking the Signature Real Complete BB cream alot more than the other BB cream. It matched more to my skin tone (as you can see from the picture above) because it was more yellow based - having less of a pink/grey undertone to it, has a thicker coverage and consistency which allows me to get away with concealer on my good skin days, and has a matte finish. 

I bought both of the products in the same shade number (#23) but they are not the same colour. 

Overall I would actually recommend the Signature Real Complete BB cream over the Perfect Cover BB Cream. If you have less of a yellow undertone and don't require much coverage, go for the Perfect Cover BB cream, but if you have more of a yellow undertone and do like a heavier coverage product, then try out the Signature Real Complete BB Cream.


  1. I tried both too and I agree with you, the signature one is the better one. I think the perfect cover one was a bit sticky too >< But anyways, thanks for this comparison ^ u ^

  2. I should have bought the signature one because it's on sale online
    i nominated you by the way :)

  3. thank you for telling me about your post :D
    I haven't tried the signature one yet but it seems really good, but the color is darker than the perfect cover no?
    So far I like mine but I really wanted to try the other one since the packaging is super gorgeous!