22 December 2013

4 Days till Christmas: Review on The Face Shop Mango Seed Cream

I bought this during the winter/spring transition as my skin was getting more dry patches and all that, and I saw this product (well to be specific, the mango seed butter, but I didn't get it as I wanted something lighter than a butter, the butter is in solid form) on Get It Beauty ( Korean beauty show) and this was voted as the best moisturiser in a blind test along with many other high end brands. 

The product claims that they have not added the 7 most common additives in skincare, but when I first opened that jar, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It's awfully fragrant! It took me a while for me to get use to the smell on my face, and it's not one of those smells that goes away in a short time. It takes about 10-15 minutes for me to not smell it/ get use to the smell. 

I like the packaging. It's pretty to leave on your vanity and alot more hygienic than other jar type packages; has a lid to protect the product from being exposed to the air as well as a small spatula to take the product out instead of using you fingers.

The consistency is between a normal cream and a thicker night cream. I mainly use this at night as I find that it is too heavy for day use under make-up. It does a good job of moisturising than alot of other products, but the scent of this is just too overwhelming. This product doesn't specifically say that it is fragrance free so those that have sensitive noses or skin then definitely stay away from this product. Otherwise, it's not too bad of a product. Personally I don't think I'll buy it again as the smell still gets me when I use it.

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  1. This moisturizer sounds nice for winter and dry skin. Honestly, I think the strong smell isn't that bad because I love mango scent haha. I think this cream isn't for me because I don't like the heavy feeling but anyways, thanks for this really detailed review, your photos look nice~ ^ u ^