6 January 2013

NYX Purchases! (mini review)

Hi there!

So this is another online purchase that I made during my online shopping spree, but I couldn't be bothered to do a post on it until now. Oh and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! Hope you all had a relaxing time with your friends and family. 

This was my first time trying any of NYX's products so I was super excited. I got these items on cherryculture.com.

NYX eyeshadows: Iced mocha, Dark grey and True taupe

I haven't used these on my eyes yet but from the swatches, I'm quite impressed! Iced mocha was quite pigmented and had little to no fallout in the pan. Dark grey is a matte and needed a few swipes for the swatch above but still quite nice. True taupe is also matte but is more pigmented than Dark grey.

Will I buy more of these? a big YES!!

NYX soft matte lip cream: Tokyo and Antwerp
Product description:
It's not lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's like nothing you've experienced before. It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte.

I've used these a few times so far and I'm really liking them! These are pretty much like how they are described. Creamy and matte. They feel really smooth on the lips but one thing I find with these is that they can seem dry on the lips (which other bloggers/youtubers have come across). When I use these I would first put a really heavy duty lip balm or gloss first and then put these lip creams on. That way it doesn't look and feel so dry on the lips but still gives a matte finish. 

Will I buy more? Yes!

NYX Lip smacking fun colors:  Watermelon and Frosted Beige

The colours I chose where more frosty than I thought, and quite similar to each other. They are really nice and glide on really nicely, but I find them too frosty for my liking. I use these by just dabbing these on the centre of the lips then blending out with a finger.

Will I buy more? probably not, only because I'm not so much of a lipstick lover. If you like lipsticks and on a budget then definitely try these out. 

From the items that I got, I'm really happy! If you guys have any NYX recommendations then leave them in the comments below!


  1. I'm thinking of getting iced mocha, it looks like such a pretty neutral shade^^ I had the same problem with the lipstick, it looked like a good shade on the site swatches but way too frosty for my liking :( X

  2. lipglosses looks really creamy *_*