29 December 2012

I got it! Missha L'EAU DE MISSHA fragrances

Hi guys!

So this is another online purchase, this time from a site, yesstyle.com. They have all things fashion and beauty related from both Asian and Western brands. If you find G-market is hard to use or they don't ship to your country, then try yesstyle.com!

As some may know, I'm a HUGE fan of TVXQ and as a fan I couldn't help myself but to get this. I looked high and low for this and yesstyle.com was the only site I could find that carried this product.

Buy it here!

 Besides me being a crazy TVXQ fan, these I think are a steal! Two 30ml perfumes for $65 USD is pretty cheap compared to other brands. It was pretty good timing since I was needing a new perfume and I was thinking about having a go-to perfume. The bottles themselves are really pretty! I personally like "Stay beside me" (silver bottle) more than "Always be mine" (gold bottle). I find that "Always be mine" is more of a mature scent. I'm not sure how to describe the scent but if you're into floral and slightly sweet smells then "Stay beside me" would best suit you.


  1. for two bottles i think that's a really good deal and at the same time u get a little TVXQ on you ahahaha ^3^

    I'm having a giveaway, i hope you can join!

  2. I never bought perfumes online because I don't know how it will smell... But maybe I'll try these out because there cheap for two bottles. Plus it's TVXQ >.<

  3. so do i !!!! i'm a fan of tvxq and jyj since 2006 :))