17 November 2013

Haul #2

Hi guys!

In this haul, I'm presenting all of the products I got from The Balm. They were having a 50% off sale and I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to try out their products. I've been eyeing on some of their products for a while but I didn't want to pay for what they were worth in store.

Nude-tude Eye Shadow Pallet (Nice version)
Bahama Mama Bronzer
Frat Boy Blush
Instain Blush in Toile


Left to right:
Frat Boy, Bohama Mama, Instain in Toile

First impressions is positive. I was sceptical of the packaging because it's made of paper/plastic, but the quality of packaging is good and it also has a metal closure which is safe for travelling. They all come with a mirror which is handy, so you don't need to carry a separate mirror. I love the size of the cheek products as they are small and compact, handy for travelling (and super cute).

Pigmentation is in the middle. Not horrible but not crazy pigmented, which is what I like about these. So far I've only tried Bohama Mama and the Instain blush once. So far so good, but would need to use it more to have a proper opinion. 

I was expecting Frat Boy to be a satin finish, but to my surprise all of the cheek products are matte. Frat Boy is more of a dusty pink colour compared to Toile which is more of a bright pink colour. I have been looking for a matte bronzer/contour colour, for some reason all of the make-up which is in drugstores that I have seen all have shimmer and have an orange undertone (which I do not want), so to find a matte and a true brown with no orange undertone bronzer/contour colour, I honestly couldn't be happier.

Have you tried any of The Balm products?


  1. Loving the packaging, it looks so pretty. They'd work well as Christmas gifts. I haven't tried any of these products yet but they look nice. I love subtle colours that aren't too pigmented. You can always build it up.


  2. I'm liking the bohama mama, i'm actually looking for a blush that kinds of look like it

  3. I love everything that you bought. I actually have a few of these products on my WL so i'm looking forward to a more in depth review :)


  4. wow nice haul! I love the nude eyeshadow palette!


  5. Aaah I haven't tried any products from the Balm yet and I'm dying to! Can you post a look with the Nude Tude palette?


    1. i was actually thinking of starting makeup tutorials. will start doing them. thanks