8 November 2013

Haul #1

Hi guys!
So for the past month or so, I've been buying a few things from different places and this post will be the first out of the three. My first purchase was from G-market. I was running out of two of my favourite products, and I also picked up a fragrance.

Innisfree JeJu Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
I've mentioned this product a few times and I bought this as soon as I ran out of my first jar. I bought the 200ml instead of the traditional 50ml, which proves how much I love this product, and now they have the mask in a tube which is super hygienic compared to the jar. It helps calm acne and gets rid of oiliness without making the skin feeling too dry. 

Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Mist
I ran out of my Sun mist (from the same line) so I thought I would try this one to see if there's a difference. So far I haven't noticed the difference between the two products, but they both do wonders for my hair. I use this while my hair is still damp, and it prevents my hair from getting tangled while drying and it does make my hair slightly shinier, on my horribly frizzy hair. 

Missha L'eau De Missha Body mist - Stay Beside Me
If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I'm a huge TVXQ fan. I bought the fragrance that they promoted and now they have come out with a body mist, a less concentrated mist to be used all over the body.

Innisfree Eco Science Special Kit
I got this as a sample. I find that when buying from Gmarket, they give quite generous samples compared to other sites (and they damn should because the cost for shipping is $$$). Unfortunately when I opened the box one of the sample bottles was leaking (not sure how because the lid was tight). Will report back on how I feel once I start using this. 

That's all for the G-market purchases. Keep a look out for an exciting make-up purchase in a few days ^_^

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