10 August 2012

Review: Lip gloss

Hi guys!

This week I've been loving Daiso products. I came across these while I was browsing around. They are just called Lip Gloss and of course, all of Daiso products are $2.80 and since they where so cheap, I wasn't expecting these to be super good quality.

Left to right: No.65, 62, 64

Left to right: 65, 62, 64

These come in 2 other colours; a clear glittery gloss and another one which was sold out. When I swatched these I was so amazed as to how pigmented they where! No. 65 is a nude colour with small amounts of gold shimmers in it. The glitters aren't that visible unless you stare at it for a really long time. No.62 is a red/orange coral colour and has visible gold shimmers in it. The glitters don't feel grainy on the lips at all! No.64 is my favourite because it doesn't have glitters in it and it's the most pigmented out of all of them. It literally is like a liquid lip stick! 

One thing I did notice though, which isn't really a big deal, is that these are actually made in Korea. 
very pigmented
glitters don't feel gritty on the lips
cute packaging
you don't get too much product on the applicator
not sticky at all!

the only con for me is the smell. They all have the same smell but it doesn't have a horrible scent to them. I would like it better if they all had different scents to them.

Overall if you guys see these around, definitely grab a hold of these! For only $2.80 you can get really good quality glosses and they're great for everyday wear!

See you soon! ^_^

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