12 August 2012

K Talk: anticipated dramas

Hi guys!

It's time for K talk again, and in this post I'm going to talk about the most anticipated dramas as of now.

1. To the beautiful you
 This is definitely a drama I'm going to keep track of! After watching both the Taiwanese and Japanese version of this drama, I've hoped that there would be a Korean re-make of this, and it's finally going to be aired as of three days from today! If you guys haven't heard of this drama, it's suppose to be a re-make of the manga of Hanazakari no kimitachi e. It's one of those "everyone has seen" dramas. Even my friends that aren't really into watching dramas has at least seen this! It's got Minho (SHINee) and Sulli (f(x) ) as the main characters, and since I'm SM bias, of course I'm going to support this drama!

2. Faith
 I actually have no idea what this drama is about but it's got of my favourite actors in it. Lee Min Ho is one of the main characters and I think he acts as a knight or something. I first saw him in a drama called I Am Sam, and he is more known for his role in Boys Over Flowers (another classic drama) as Goo Jun Pyo.

3. Arang and the Magistrate
 Another drama I want to watch, purely for the actors! It's got Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah as the main characters. I love them both and looking at the pictures for this press conference, they look really good together! It's first episode aired on the 8th so hopefully the subtitles come out soon!

That's all folks! If you guys know any other dramas that are coming out that you recommend watching, or you have any other drama to recommend, please leave a comment below! I'm slowing running out of things to watch. See you soon! ^_^

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