17 August 2012

My love/hate relationship: The Face Shop Nail Polishes

Hi guys!

I was cleaning my room today and I was going through my nail polishes and I've realised that I have quite a few. So here's the thing. I love the colours that The Face Shop have for nail polishes. They have lots of varieties of colours, finishes and textures.

Left to right: PP403, PP401, PK109, OR205, GR501, RD302
These are cream finishes

Left to right: PP406 (glitter/shimmer finish), BK901 (a black crack polish)

 But there are 3 things I CAN NOT stand about them. 

1. Drying time
 They take forever to dry! I would leave them to dry for about 5 hours in total with doing the cold water method also, but for the reason I would sleep and the next day I would still see prints on my nails, meaning that they haven't dried properly... 

2. Formula
 Iv'e talked about this before, but I really hate the formulas for the polishes! They can chip within the first day and can look horrible by the end of the week. And the thing that bugs me the most is that the formulas are different to each other! It's really just luck when it comes to getting the good formulated ones.

3. Packaging
 Since I do have a few polishes of course I would expect them to have the same packaging and all of that. But for some of my polishes, the handle of the actual polish comes off the brush part!

So I hope this was helpful if you were thinking of getting polishes from The Face Shop. Just keep these points in mind before buying them. Although there are thing I really can't stand about these, I still think they are worth a try and are quite cheap compared to other brands. See you soon! ^_^


  1. Ohh wow.. I went to The Face Shop the other day and was debating whether to get them or not before most of them were only $2/bottle. But in the end I didn't get any because the colors were nice, but nothing unique. But seeing your post definitely makes me feel better about passing up on them. How much did you actually get them for?

    1. Most of the cream finishes I got while I was Korea and they were on sale for 1000won which is about 90c AUD. the crack polish was $12 I think.

  2. TFS nail polishes are kind of hit and miss to me, i love some of their nail polishes while some I hate... they are not actually consistent with their formula so it's really hard to tell...