5 August 2012

K talk: Top 3

Hi guys!

So this post isn't going to be beauty related or fashion related, but more of a topic I'm super crazy about, which is KOREA!!! If you guys found me through Soompi, then you will know that  Soompi is a site which discusses anything and everything about Korea. I wanted to make this a weekly thing which I discuss all different topics such as dramas, fanfics, music and all of that good stuff.

This post will be about my top 3 songs, bands, dramas and variety shows at the moment. So here it goes!

Top 3 songs:
1. PSY- Gangnam Style
 If you guys haven't heard this song yet then your definitely missing out! The music video has viewed almost 15 million times and has even got Hollywood celebs such as Robbie Williams, T Pain and many more raving about this song! The music video is hilarious and the song itself is super catchy!! I've been listening to this song on repeat for days! check it out here.

2. BoA- Only one
 This song is really slow but still has a good pace to it. BoA has been one of my favourite artist and is such an influence to me. She started as a singer when she was about 12 and is now 26 years old! Her voice is incredible and her dance style is quite unique (which I love about her). She has been in some Hollywood movies (not sure of the name) and entered the US music industry for quite some time (unfortunately she didn't quite succeed in that) check out the dance version of the music video here.

3. Beast- Beautiful night
 One of my top groups of all times has to be Beast (quite bias though since I did go see them while I was in Korea). I was fortunate enough to actually be a fan of them ever since they made their debut with "bad girl" and this song was quite different to all of their previous songs. This song is super up-beat and is really catchy! The music video was filmed in New York and despite this song being released during the time of the Olympics, this song has still hit the top in alot of the Korean music charts. check it out here.

Top 3 bands: (had a SUPER hard time picking my top 3)
 They have always and will be my favourite group for the rest of my life! They were the first group I discovered when I was first introduced to Korean songs and alike. They were originally a 5 member group but due to unfortunate circumstances ( TT_TT)  three members left the group, leaving 2 behind. They are pretty much legends to me and I love everything about them. They have release so many hit songs I can't keep up and are one of the original "idol" groups. One of my favourite songs, Rising Sun, has even been featured in one of the Fast and Furious movies. (when I heard the song while I was watching the movie I almost screamed my head off in excitement) check out the song here.

2. Shinhwa
 These guys are really legends in Korea since they have been together for almost 15 years! Within the "idol" world, there is a "curse" that groups can only last an average on 5 years, and considering how many new groups that come out these days, these guys are really LEGENDS!! They have gone through alot, and somehow have still stuck together and create really good music. check out their latest song Venus, here.

3. Beast
 These guys are pretty new, debuting in 2009. They really stood out to me and in my view, really do have talent compared to other groups that are there with ok talent. These guys have been "training" to become idols for an average of 3 years ( which most idols have an average of 2, sometimes only a few months) and have different stories to share. They use to be called recycled guys, because they kind of had no purpose to them. (check them out on google for more info) But these guys do really have the potential to be the top groups of all time (in my opinion). I got to see them at the Beautiful Show concert in Korea early this year, and WOW... they are one of a kind. check out their newest song Beautiful night in the TOP 3 SONGS list.

Top 3 dramas:
1. The King 2Hearts
 Not sure how they got the name of the drama, but still a really good drama. It's got some of my favourite actors and actresses and the story line isn't too lovey dovey. I'm really not good at explaining stuff so check out the storyline here.

2. I Need Romance 2012
 There are 2 seasons to this which both do not relate to each other, which could be a good or bad thing. This drama explores the two main characters love for one another and the reasons in which they got together and break up constantly, and the reasoning of ones actions. This is definitely not a teenage love story but still very heart-wrenching and leaves you on the edge of your seat. check it out here.

3. Queen In Hyun's Man
 I finished watching this a few weeks ago, and aired in the beginning of the year. I watched this only because the two main characters from the drama are actually dating in real life now, after the drama ended. But I was really surprised as to how good this drama is! I finished it within 2 days and was left crying in the end (won't spoil it for you guys that haven't watched it yet). Again this does have some historical events in it, but its quite interesting as to how the director and crew made the storyline connect to the other parts of the story. If you're like me and love watching really lovey dovey stuff then definitely put this on your "to watch" list. check it out here.

Top 3 variety shows:

Quick info: 
If you guys don't know what variety shows are they are pretty much a talk show and a game show all in one (more of a game show). They would usually consist of a few permanent people and one- two other people that acts as a host which get the show going. Different shows will have different games, people and purposes and this is a great way to get to know Korean celebrities as "people" (in my opinion)

1. Running Man
 This definitely is one of my favourite shows of all time. This show has one host and 6 other permanent members and usually has 1-3 different celebrities on the show, in which the travel to different parts of Korea (and in some episodes, travel to different countries) and need to complete different tasks in a chance to win a prize. The games are really entertaining and makes me laughing without fail. If you need a good laugh then definitely give this a go! 

2. Shinhwa Broadcast
 This show is also one of my favourites! The group Shinhwa (as mentioned earlier) have made this show and usually don't have other guests (with exceptions with a few celebs) and they do different activities in each episode. This has made me laugh so much I would get stitches in my stomach by the end of the show. If your a fan of Shinhwa then watch this ASAP!!

3. Ranking Idol
 This again doesn't have any celebrities than the cast itself. It's run by a idol group called INFINITE and again, they do different activities. The activities are based on the subject in which the ranking for the week is based on. For example, in the first episode the members would be ranked from one to seven (since there's seven members of the group) as to how comfortable fans feel when they talk to the celebs. Then the groups would do different tasks to make their ranking higher. It's a really good way to show the fans their real personality and I'm really loving this show. If you guys get the chance then definitely check it out!

SO... hopefully this wasn't a boring post and if you guys aren't into the Korean culture yet, then this is a great chance to get into it now. I was first into it in 2006-7 and have been hooked every since. And considering so many Korean groups going into the US music industry such as the Wonder Girls, why not get to know them from where they originate? If you guys want me to discuss anything Korean related, then leave a comment below and I'll be glad to talk about it! See you soon! ^_^


  1. I LOVE Running Man too! But have you heard of Family Outing? I think that's my ALL TIME favourite Korean variety show. It's got Jaesuk in it too (from Running Man) and also Jongkook. It did stop filming a while ago though, BUT IT'S SO FUNNY! Trust me! If you ever decide to watch it (if you haven't already seen it) then I would recommend starting with the DBSK episode since you like them! :P

    1. yea ive seen pretty much all of the eps! its soooo goood! definitely one of my favs of all time too!!