18 August 2012

How to: cure dry skin

Hi guys!

I was thinking about my skin and my skincare products and I though I would give you some tips on how to save your skin from being dry. When I was in high school, I had serious trouble with dry skin. All of the tips I found online didn't work for me and there weren't many tips for dry skin in the first place since the majority suffer from oily skin.These tips have saved my skin, and it would be great if you guys are living opposite Australia, since it's going to be getting colder. 

DISCLAIMER: These tips are just from my experience with dry skin and what has worked for me. I can't guarantee that these tips will work for you, since everyone has different skin types.

1. Exfoliate!
 This is, to me one of the most important part of washing my face. It gets rid of all the flakiness on the top layer of skin and allows your moisturiser to work better. A few years back, I use to think that the harsher the exfoliater, the better... but boy was I wrong! It made my skin worse and made my skin drier than ever since I was doing it too often. What I do recommend doing is try a really gentle exfoliator and use that everyday, or ever second day. It gets rid of only the flakiness on the surface and doesn't irritate your skin. If you have super sensitive skin then go for a chemical exfoliator. Instead of a typical exfoliator that has beads that get rid of dead skin with physical effort, it has chemicals that breaks down the top layer of skin. You avoid rubbing on the skin and over exfoliating. 

What I do is I use a rubber/silicone brush (which I mentioned in one of my Daiso hauls) to exfoliate everyday with my cleanser. It's super gentle and is safe to use everyday. And I've seen such a huge improvement in my skin! I would use a gentle exfoliator only when I feel like I'm breaking out or if my skin feels dull.

2. Use 2 moisterisers!
 This is definitely one of the things that really cured my dry skin. Of course there are lots of moisterisers that claim to prevent dry skin, but using one really thick cream won't do anything if it just sits on your skin. What I recommend doing is use one really thin moisteriser or serum and then use a thicker cream on top so it seals in the previous moisteriser/ serum and doesn't let the moister escape. I use to think that using a thick cream and layer it a million times would help, but it would just sit on my skin and it honestly didn't do anything. 

If your on a budget, then use one of your creams and mix a bit of water with it to make it thiner and use that on a freshly cleaned face, then use your cream as normal. If you need to then put a SUPER thin layer of good old vaseline on top.

3. Masks
 I definitely recommend using a sheet mask at least once a week to super hydrate your skin. I use them at least twice a week and they really do work! Because the sheet is soaked in a serum/ thin moisteriser, and you leave it on your face for quite some time, the product really sinks in the skin and makes your skin feeling super fresh! and the good thing about them is that the effects can last up to days! Find one that works for you and stick to it.

Try to use ones that have hydrating properties such as Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter. 

If you guys have any other tips, then leave them in the comments! See you soon! ^_^

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  1. i like to layer my creams too, sure makes a really big difference! ^^