6 August 2012


Hi guys!

Just recently my friend Olivia went to the new Daiso store in the city. If you guys don't know what Daiso is then it's like a Japanese version of the $1 store. In Japan it would be about 100 yen, so everything I bought was $2.80. And after my Lancome Haul, I thought I might try out some of the cheaper stuff.

Winmax New York polishes
Left to right: No#150, No#143

I decided to get this because I found that the brush that I bought from The Body Shop was a bit too harsh on  my skin, so I thought I would try this out since so many bloggers and youtubers use one of these as well. They also come in blue and pink.

I needed something like this to put my Innisfree Mineral powder in since it isn't enclosed in anything and feel like if I just dip my brush in it then all of the powder will get contaminated and I would get too much product.

I went around to the places I knew that stocks on Asian cosmetics and skincare and I picked up some more My Beauty Diary Face Masks.

Left to right: Pearl Powder Mask, Aloe Mask and Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

So that's all I got today, and hopefully I don't buy anything else for the next week... going broke... See you soon! ^_^


  1. I went last Tuesday and there was a maaaaaaasssive line for the register.... I'll go back when the hype has died down a bit and no doubt do a massive haul :P

  2. you sure love mentioning about me :) i feel loved xD

  3. Oh! I was planning to head down there this weekend! I love how cheap the items are as well as the mass and variety of products they stock there!