3 August 2012

Myer Master Class with Michelle Phan

Hi guys!

So last night me and Olivia went to the Myer Master Class featuring Michelle Phan. If you don't know who she is, then you are missing out! She is one of the most influential Make-up artists discovered online through Youtube. She is also the spokesperson for Lancome and has quite a few companies under her name. So if you haven't already, check her out on Youtube!

The tickets were $50 and can be redeemed when you buy a Lancome product worth $50. 

Me and Olivia waiting for the Master Class to start

Lighting was really pretty

Free magazine

Models that are going to do their make-up


The super long line to get a photo with Michelle

Although I knew that Michelle was petite, seeing her in real life really suprised me! Even with super high heels, she was still really short, but otherwise very pretty indeed. Me and Olivia talked to her for like one minute but we could tell she was really nice and genuine. Even with so many pictures taken, she still had a smile on her face and was full of energy!

One thing that disappointed me was that she was on stage for about 15 minutes. I was expecting it more to be like a talk show with her actually putting make-up on the models, but instead it was just her talking. But other than that it was a great experience!

If you guys get the opportunity to see her, I definitely recommend you guys to go and see her. She is such an inspiration and very genuine with her gratitude towards her fans.

See you soon! ^_^

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  1. Oh nice that you got to see and meet MP in person! She's so incredibly likable in her YT videos and only wish I get a chance to meet her one day. Such an inspiration. You are so lucky x
    Good luck in your exams btw,

    Jenny xoxo

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