25 July 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi guys!

I thought I would share what I have in my bag. Honestly I don't have alot of things that I need in my bag, and  I don't use a makeup bag just because I'm really lazy when it comes to touching up my makeup. So here it is!

Samsung MV800 camera.

I love this camera! Although I rarely use it, I bring it everywhere with me.

Top to bottom: Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm, The Body Shop Born Lippy in Plum

I always carry some sort of lip balm with me because my lips can get dry really easily and some times my lips can feel swollen after eating (not sure why). My favourite lip balm as of now is the one from The Body Shop. Will do a full review later on this week. The Nivea one is ok, not going to repurchase it though.

Left to right: some random Korean hard lollies, Eclipse Mints

I'm definitely a mint girl. I rarely have gum because some can give me a weird after taste and I feel like the minty-ness of mints last longer ( and you never know when you're going to have bad breath). And I always keep something sweet in my bag.

This is just a sample container of the Lancome Hydra Zen cream. I used all of the product so now I just keep my Cetaphil Moisturiser in it for times where I feel like I'm getting dry patches on my face.

I don't wear contacts so I always bring my glasses with me where ever I go. These are from Ray-Ban and I've had them for years! They are the basic black frames, nothing special really.

 This my wallet that I have. It's from Oroton, which I got for my 17th birthday from my parents. Love this wallet! It keeps all of my cards and can carry lots of coins (which tends to happen to me).

And that's it! I know it isn't much but sometimes I feel like there really isn't a need to carry so much things in your bag. One main reason why I carry so little things is that my shoulders are pretty weak, so if I have a heavy bag with me, my shoulders are aching the next day so I try to keep my bag as light as possible.

See you soon! ^_^