2 July 2012

Biggest Spurge

Hi guys! ^_^

So yesterday I went shopping with my family, and ended up buying a bag from Oroton, which is an Australian Luxury Brand. You can check out their products here: http://www.oroton.com/

I love the brand because not only they have great quality bags and alike, they are also an Australian! And that means I'm supporting Australian jobs and economy, and I like the thought of myself helping Australian jobs in some way.

They where having this massive sale in stores and although I wasn't planning to get anything, my eyes were drawn to this bag. Lets just say, the original price for this bag was SUPER EXPENSIVE, but luckily I got to save $250AUS!!

So without further ado, here is my new bag!

hm... forgot to take a picture of the front...
 Jouel Pouch Bag (black)
Back view


 Oroton tag

About the bag

I definitely recommend you guys to check out this bag! They have all sorts of items for pretty much all ages (except children of course ^_^) and for both males and females. My whole family have love and trust for this brand, so hopefully you guys will too! Shall see you all soon ^_^

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