26 July 2012

Nails of the week

Hi guys!

Last week I posted about the nail polish I wore for the week, so I'm here to talk about how it wore and my new polish I have on. 

The formula of the previous polish (The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX in PK109) wasn't too bad. I saw a tiny chip on the third day on the corner of my nail, and got obvious chipping on the 6th day. I used Cutex Long Wear Top Coat on top of the polish and it seems to have made the polish last a bit longer than without it. Love the colour and the formula of this isn't too bad, and considering it to be pretty cheap I recommend this polish for those that want a pretty pink colour.

This weeks polish:
Nature Republic polish in BL502

This colour is a deep blue with super small shimmers in it which makes the polish metallic looking.  It's super easy to apply and you can get away with only one coat! I used two coats and its pretty true to the colour from the bottle. It dries alot faster than the polish from The Face Shop.

Keep a lookout next week for the final verdict on this polish! See you soon ^_^

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