3 July 2012

Day out with some good friends ^_^

Hi guys!

Today I went shopping with two good friends of mine. One of them being Olivia. You can check out her blog here: http://oliviiaaaaa.blogspot.com.au/  So I thought it would be nice to share what I got, although I didn't buy much. So here it goes!

Above: Aquamoist Whitening milk with Vitamin C

Above: Aquamoist Moisture Face Mask

I've head so many reviews for Aquamoist, which is a Japanese brand which specialise in skincare. And I also wanted to try out some good whitening products, since I heard the whitening products are meant to not necessary lighten skin, but more to lighten any dark patches and hyper-pigmentation on the skin which I have alot of.

I went around in Myer and the lady at CK was nice enough to give me and my friends a sample of the 3 in 1 Foundation. For those wondering, I was matched with colour 100. The foundation is also suppose to act as a primer and a serum.

Above: polish from OPI in "Here today...Aragon Tomorrow"

There was a special deal at David Jones, where if you get 3 polishes you only pay for the price of two. This is pretty much a bargain considering that OPI polishes in Australian stores are about an average on $20. It's a dark green polish with glitters in it. I haven't tried this on my nails yet, so I will update on how this polish goes.

More on my day out:

I went to a Korean grocery store and I saw this Shin cup with Beast on the packaging. As I am a HUGE fan of Beast, I couldn't resist getting this (and I was really craving for Shin cup!).

After Korean BBQ for lunch (which I didn't take a picture of T_T) we went to Dessert Story, which is a Taiwanese Store which sell different types of desserts. It was my first time coming here and wow! I love this place! It has a nice atmosphere (although it is a bit small considering how many people come to eat here), they have different types of dishes both hot and cold for pretty cheap. This plate was about $9 and it fed and satisfied 3 people. Although the picture looks pretty small, in real life it's pretty big. I definitely recommend this place. They have a store in Chinatown and one on Swanston Street ( or is it Swanson? I'm so bad with street names...) in the city. More are opening around Melbourne.

Hope you guys like this post and I shall talk to you guys soon! ^_^

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    Where did you get the Aquamoist products? I have their foam cleanser but I brought mine when I was overseas... I have yet to try the Vitamin C whitening milk but I wish I brought it! Let me know if it's a good product? :)
    The dessert looks really good by the way!

    1. There's a few stores in Chinatown that sell asian cosmetics that carry Aquamoist. Take your time looking through the stores and compare prices. i was looking around for the aquamoist products and the prices differ almost by $10.

  2. ahah denise will be so happy to get her cup :)