27 July 2012

Current obsession: Sheet masks

Hi guys!

This post was requested by Olivia, she has been nagging me every time I see her. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, here it is: http://oliviiaaaaa.blogspot.com.au/

When I first got into skincare/ makeup I was really interested with different sheet masks and their different purposes were. These days I use them for mainly hydration purposes since I have really dry skin. I would use one of these 2-4 times a week depending on how my skin is, after I exfoliate.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks in Black Pearl
 (recently bought so I haven't had time to fully test this out yet)

Aquamoist Moisture Face Masks (mention in one of my previous hauls)

The Face Shop


Tony Moly


Some random sheet mask I got from my hotel room while I was in South Korea, 
Etude House Red Ginseng mask

My favourite out of the bunch. I haven't used this but it's the package I love.
If you're a KPOP fan then you will know who these guys are. They're my favourite KPOP group OF ALL TIME

Some samples I got while in South Korea. I was so surprised as to how generous people are when it comes to samples. I would purchase one item and get like 3 free samples. Gotta love it!

Most of these sheet masks are either my first or second purchase and although they claim to have different targeted treatments, I use them for hydration purposes, but ones that I have found work for me are: Aquamoist Moisture Face Masks, The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid Mask and The Face Shop Aloe Mask (not shown).

Of course there has been a small number of masks that have broken me out: The Face Shop Rice mask, and there are some other ones from The Face Shop but I can't remember the names of them.

Overall I think sheet masks are great for hydrating the skin, and they can be used before applying makeup so that your skin is smoother and more fresh looking. Because you can't really get a tester sample of sheet masks, you have to take the risk of trying them not knowing if they break you out or not. Read different reviews to see which ones will most likely work for you. 

See you all soon! ^_^


  1. Thanks for this post
    Will try some of these~
    Sheet masks are my current obsession too >.<
    Gaaaah and I'm a TVXQ fan too <3

  2. OH! I've never used asian sheet masks before, which brand would you recommend to start off with?

    1. If you can get your hands on aquamoist then go for those first. most of their products work well for all skin types. most of the time I use the aloe vera one from The Face Shop. My face can get quite red and the mask works really well to calm my skin.

  3. omg mask sheets so many trang! do you have any oily skin ones you recommend? :D

    and i dont nag you that much do i? i see some etude house samples :D

    1. you've nagged me enough to make me do this post ^_^

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