14 July 2012

Review: The Face Shop Hydro Splash B.B Cream

Hi guys!

I wanted to show you guys one of my first B.B creams I tried out.

This B.B cream is supposedly 70% water and is "skin tone correcting moisture rich  formula protects, soothes and gives a natural coverage. It has a SPF of 20 and does have light floral scent to it.

Honestly, there isn't a lot of things I like about this B.B cream and it disappointed me quite a bit since this was the first B.B cream I've ever tried. When I swatched this on my hand I thought that this would match me well (they only have one shade) but once I put this on my face and started blending, it gave me a ghostly look. It has a super obvious grey cast to it and once it oxidises, it was still too light for me. It does give a matte finish but I find that it can show flaky patches if you have SUPER dry and flaky skin. Not sure about oil control since I don't have oily skin.

I've had this for a few months now and the way I use it is after applying a foundation I would apply this to places where I want it to look lighter like under my eyes, around my nose and around my mouth. I also use this to lighten my foundations that are too dark for me.


If your looking for a B.B cream to try out, this isn't the one. Even though I have quite pale skin, this makes me look like a ghost, but if you need to find something to lighten your foundation, then I guess I could recommend this. But otherwise, save your money on a better B.B cream (Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream) . See you soon ^_^

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