28 February 2013

K Talk: Upcoming Concerts!

So for all you Aussies out there I want to let you guys know some upcoming concerts that will be happening. 

The date has just been confirmed for their concert!
June 1st at Big Top, Sydney
Not entirely sure whether I'll be going to it (since I will be needing my parent permission), but I've always wanted to go to their concert ever since they debuted. If you guys haven't heard of them, they're a 4 boy rock band. And what makes them different from other Korean pop groups, is that they play actual instruments. They usually don't play them properly (instruments not plugged in) when on music programs, thus I REALLY WANT TO GO TO THEIR CONCERT to hear them live!! No ticketing information has released yet, so keep an eye out for my post for that.

One of my favourite groups OF ALL TIME!
No dates have been confirmed yet, but I have a feeling it will be the end of this year, since their 5 dome tour in Japan finishes sometime in June. Australia has been confirmed as a concert location. I've been in love with TVXQ since 2006 and most likely will continue to be a fan for the rest of my life! They were the first group I got introduced to regarding Korean culture and as strange as it may sound, they have gotten me though tough times in my life. Their passion for music and their "fighting spirit" have helped me with difficult stages of my life. 
They did come to Sydney once for a KPOP concert in 2011 with other Korean groups, but I didn't get the chance to go because it was during my exam period. So if I don't end up going to this concert, I will most likely hide in a corner of my room and cry. T_T

Have you gone to any concerts? Is there a concert that you would like to go to?


  1. I'll be forever waiting for YG to come to Sydney

  2. There is no concert in Switzerland. Everytime a kpop artist comes in France it's always not during the holidays so I can't go. T^T

  3. Of course they only go to Sydney........ ._.
    If Big Bang ever comes, they better come down to Melbourne! We never get anyone!

  4. Yes!!!

    I was so excited when CNBLUE announced that they would be coming to Sydney on the 1st of June. I'm definitely going to go!

    And there is going to be limited number of tickets since there is only around 2950 standing space. Must get tickets quickly.