1 February 2013

Review: Etude House Look at my Lips Lipsticks

I bought these in my first G-Market order and I think it's finally time to review these. 

Left to right: #9 Paparazzi Coral, #17 Ladylike Pink

Ladylike Pink

Paparazzi Coral
- creamy
- not drying on the lips
- wearable colours
- small and cute packaging
- slight fruity scent
- cheap, I got these for $6

- even though these are moisterising on the lips, they can actually look drying if you use too much or don't exfoliate your lips beforehand
- I find that if I have these in my bag, sometimes the cap comes off
- can be hard to find
- not very long lasting

Will I buy these again? Yes, when I get back into lipsticks. Right now I'll stick to stains and balms.


  1. I like the ladylike pink !
    That's great they are cheap ! Because somethimes you buy an expensive lipstick and then you don't like it... >.<

  2. pretty! I love coral-ish colours :)

  3. Both shades really look pretty on you!!!

  4. i love etude house lipsticks, their colours are so pretty and very suitable for asian skin!!