2 February 2013

This time last year, I...

Went to South Korea!! I went for two weeks with one of my other friends and it was the first time I went overseas without family so it was really fun! This post will only be about my highlights from the trip, because if I mentioned everything I did, this post will be never ending...

This post will be picture heavy

waiting to go on this thing... ^_^

the view

The teddy bear museum in Jeju Island

say wah???

If you guys watched Goong (Princess Hours), then you guys would know who these guys are!

Sevens restaurant!

My long... extremely long walk to nam san tower.
So me and my friend wanted to go to nam san tower(were many dramas are filmed+tourist attraction) but little did I know that the directions I got was like the longest route... We had to go up a really steep mountain and took about a little over a hour to get up this one mountain...

half way there


the coffee machine in Boys Over Flowers

gotta try some alcohol while we're at it

my favourite drink of ALL TIME!! banana milk

midnight snacking

Now for the big highlight...

did I mention i got to go twice?

and to finish off, a picture of me and my husband ^_^


  1. It should have been amazing !

    It was great looking at your pictures !

  2. Woah! You're so lucky. My trip to Korea got postponed because of all the recent military related problems. It's great to see that you're B2UTY! I'm personally an Inspirit (INFINITE) but BEAST has some amazing songs.

    Thank you for the post, it looks like you had a lot of fun. ^^


  3. Amazing post and photos!!! Glad you enjoyed your holiday in South Korea! Would love to visit it one day! ^_^

  4. seems like you had a lot of fun there :D
    and all those pictures make me miss Korea...i really gotta go there again sometime ^^