20 February 2013

K Talk: Dramas I'm currently watcing

Are you looking for a Korean drama to watch or want to start getting into? Then this is the post for you! This  post is going to be about the dramas I'm watching now, as well as some dramas I recommend.

What I'm watching right now:
 1. Flower Boy Next Door
  This is about a girl who is stuck at home and fears society because she was bullied in high school. She goes outside one day and sees a guy she likes, and finds out that he lives on the opposite side of her apartment. As she spies on him, she gets caught by the guys brother. The drama continues to explore her story and the discovery of finding love and being loved. Check it out here

 2. Queen of Ambition
 This drama is pretty dramatic. It's about a guy and a girl which are both orphans. They fall in love and get married but they're not in the best economic class; the guy struggles to earn money to support his wife's education so he becomes a 'host'. Their relationship falls apart and she ends up having an affair with a son of a rich company. This drama has made me cry and sometimes makes me want to punch the girl in the face! Oh, and not to mention my husband (Jung Yunho from TVXQ) is in it. Check it out here

3. Iris 2
 This is the continuation from Iris and has only aired 2 episodes so far. I quite liked the first series and decided to watch this one. I have absolutely no idea what the story line is going to be and the storyline hasn't fully developed yet, but it's good so far. Check it out here

I recommend: 
Teenage love: Playful kiss/ Mischievous kiss, Reply 1997, Shut up flower boy band, Operation Proposal

More grown up love: Cheongdamdong Alice, I miss you, I need romance, Lie to me

Historical: Queen In Hyun's man, The moon that embraces the sun, Arang and the Magistrate, Rooftop Prince

Comedy: High Kick series

Action: City hunter, Athena- goddess of war, Iris

Classics: Coffee Prince, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, My Girl, Princess Hours

If you have any recommendations or any questions about these dramas, feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. I was going to watch Flower Boy Next Door because of Park Shin Hye over the holidays, but I never got around to it and now uni is starting up soon and I'm already watching a stack of things. -.-

    I also watched the first season of Iris but only because TOP was in it. Not sure if I'm going to start the second one- I might if the reviews are good.
    But I've seen and LOVED all of those classic drama's you've mentioned! ^^

  2. I'm also watching Queen of Ambition. I wrote it in my list of drama to watch and I started it not long ago and I was "why is it on my list ?". Then I saw Yunho and I was "Now I know why...". Huhu.
    I really like that drama but I can't stand the character of girl Da Hae (I think it's written like that)...

    I'm currently watching Arang and the magistrate too. But it's scaring me. I'm a baby. T^T

    Did you watch Faith ?

    1. i have watched faith. it was good in the beginning but it got too slow by the end of it. and yes, sometimes i just want to punch da hae in the face! such a bad person!

  3. Flower boy ramen shop for light romantic comedy and 49 days is fantasy drama. I watched these two recently ^^ I liked both of them!

    1. i loved flower boy ramen shop! i have yet to see 49 days, but ive heard really good things about it

  4. Im watching Flower Boy next Door too! I was rooting for Go Dok Mi and Oh Jin Rak :( I got just a little disappointed when she fell for Enrique, but its still a good drama! I've finished episode 12

  5. oh my gosh, I'm watching Flower Boy Next Door. It's so good! I'll have to check out the dramas you recommended. I recommend You're Beautiful, my favourite drama of all time :)

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