29 May 2013


Hi guys!
So sorry I haven't been posting anything... oh gosh it's been too long. The excuse this time? Because my internet at home is down, and it will be down for a few more days... (first world problems). On another note, CNBLUE IS HERE IN AUSTRALIA! As I write this, they are in Melbourne. So as of right now I am in a 5km radius of them (I'm in university right now) and so I could literally go right now and hunt them down but I can't because I have to study for a test later today. T_T Am I making you jealous??? I am breathing the same air as them! (too bad for the crappy weather now- raining outside) hehehe

So this post is all about CNBLUE. I'm going to the concert tomorrow so expect some pictures from the concert and maybe a bit of footage (we will see on the night). I'm super excited right now! It's finally time to see then not through a screen! AHH!! So with my current obsession with CNBLUE, here are some of my favourite songs from them.

1. Coffee Shop
2. Where you are
3. In my head
4. Tattoo
5. Illusion
6. Alone
7. Lie
8. One time
9. Hey you
10. Sweet Holiday

These are just some songs that if you had to listen to only a few songs, these would be it. There isn't a song from them that I don't like! I mean, they're different to other Korean artists because they play real instruments! My bias: Jung Yonghwa! Oh he sings good, talented guitarist, loves joking around... What isn't there to like about him? HAHA Oh I think I'm going crazy while writing this. Do you have a song you like from them?

I will probably post up one more beauty related post within the next week, and then I will be MIA for 2-3 weeks because I have exams to study for. This blogging business is more time consuming than I thought! I hope you all don't leave me! hehehe


  1. Hi Trang! I hope you have fun tomorrow during their Melbourne concert. I'm going to their Sydney one on Saturday and I'm so excited. My bias is Jonghyun though ^_^


  2. I hope you enjoy the concert!! I didn't know that they were already here.. would love to meet them haha
    I'm not the biggest CNBLUE fan but I do really like one of their older songs- it's called Love Light. :)