11 May 2013

Food Adventures 2!

Hi guys!
So sorry I haven't posted anything in such a long time! I've been busy with uni, and I've got a job now, which means I have less free time. And exams are coming up T_T but I will still try to post as many things I can on this blog! I am determined to have a post once a week now.

This post is all about my food adventures! I have uni for pretty much a whole day, and I have to eat right? So the need to try new places out has grown. I have been to quite a few places, and do recommend trying all of these places!

It was my friends brithdays (two people) and we went to crown casino to have lunch. Not sure what the restaurant was called but its just outside kitchen workshop. They specialize in Italian, but me and my friends weren't that hungry so we just went for the $10 meals which was a promotion for the footy season.

Chicken parma


my friend got a strawberry (?) mocktail

Some of my Korean foodies

Kimchi pancake from Dae Jang Guk
Notice: the pancake size is quite big so this is not a dish for one person, or for two people eating other dishes as well. I was with another friend and we didn't end up finishing it

Budae Casserole at Oriental Spoon
Notice: this dish is really good and I always come back for more! 

Me and my friends have monthly outings which means we have a day of the month to hang out for dinner. Last month we went to Hog's Breath Cafe. Honestly, the fries were great but everything else was just ok, and considering how expensive the meal was, it wasn't worth it. Not coming back again.

Chicken with mushroom sauce.

My friend had a groupon voucher and so we went to Wood n' Chimney in Melbourne Central to have a full course meal for lunch.

Entree- Overall it was quite salty, but it was still nice

Chicken parma


Some other meals that I randomly had while at the city for university

Ajisen Ramen Melbourne Central - Volcano ramen

Pepper Lunch Elizabeth Street - Kimchi Beef

Schnizts (?) Melbourne Central - chips

Cafe Crillina (?) Lygon Street - Fettuccine Carbonara

Some other snacks I've been eating

Saw this on sale in a Korean Grocery. It was nice but not going to buy again.

Was talking about this with my brother and I decided to get it to see if it was really had disgusting flavours. and yes it does, so only get this if you want to trick your friends or something...

Trying to be a bit healthy 

Max Brenner - cookies and cream drink
Notice: it wasn't that nice and wasn't what I expected, not getting this drink again

Comes with a really cool cup though!

Desert Story (can't remember which one this is)

Last but not least!


I'm sorry if this was too long of a post, it's because these have been accumilated within the past 2 months or so. Hope you guys enjoyed the post (and feel hungry!)


  1. Yuuumy, everything looks so tasty. Especially that coctail :)

  2. Was the Italian restaurant Emporio Della Pasta? I'm pretty sure that's the one I went to which was outside of Kitchen Workshop and I loved it! One of my friends had the steak and apparently it was really good :p
    I haven't been to the Melb Pepper Lunch yet! :( Just wondering, how much was your dish?
    Thanks for posting this! It definitely made me feel hungry >< But nonetheless, I love reading Melbourne food posts because I always end up with new places I want to check out haha

    1. not sure about the name, but the restaurant is not enclosed. the meal i got at pepper lunch was 10.50. it's so good and i always come back for more!

  3. All the food looks really good - and the harry potter beans looks so cute, apparently one flavour is 'earwax'!