2 June 2013

CNBLUE CONCERT! photos + stalking?

Hi guys!
So on friday I went to the cnblue concert! It was amazing! Waited about an hour in the rain, so by the time me and my friends were inside, we were all drenched. The concert itself lasted about 2 hours and it was the best 2 hours I've spent in a long time! With great music and a perfect view of Jonghyun (even though I wanted to be infront of Yonghwa). Anyways without further ado, here are some photos I took (security was really strict about taking photos and all so I didn't get to take many good photos).

The people that I went with

After the concert

My sign at the top, my friends at the bottom

The whole concert was just... awesome! I made signs which wrote out "childish yong" (요옹초딩- the nickname comes from We Got Married with Seohyun from SNSD). He saw the sign and smerked! Ahh! I made another sign which wrote birthday today (오늘생일) because it was my cousins birthday that day. Yonghwa saw and gave a little wave! Ahh!! Before the concert I bought a little stuffed koala holding the Australian flag. I threw it to the stage, which Jonghyun took and put it on top of the amps on the stage, and he took it when the concert finished! Ahhh!!! And I also screamed out Jungshin's name before they started singing 'You've fallen for me' (from the drama Heartstring) and in the end he did sing! Ahh! (which Yonghwa said before they started 'this is a mistake' LOL). My mission has been accomplished!

Is that all you ask? no! We did some stalking right after the concert. My friend brought her car to the city so we were free to stalk! We waited in the car while it was pouring rain and thunder! We were right behind the car the whole time!

They went to Seoul House on Russel Street in the city, and only stayed for about 30 mins. My friend couldn't get her car out to follow them on time so we stopped there. But me and two of my other friends were lucky enough to be outside the restaurant to see them come out. I was literally 1 meter away from them! They rushed to their car so I didn't get take any photos.

That's it for events from the concert. I will make another post full of pictures once I get them from my friends. Until then, I hope I didn't give you guys heart attacks.


  1. I am so jealous! *A* This sounds like an AMAZING concert! Seriously, I wish kpop stars could come to Canada. :c No such luck, unfortunately.

    Love the photos! And the koala - askldfhjakf I'm just so jealous haha~ Sounds like you had an amazing time! c:

  2. You so totally gave me a heart attack! XD You guys are so lucky to go on the concert! I wish I went to the concert. Why didn't they come here in WA? :'(( *wipes tears*
    Anyways, the concert sounds so fun! Were they all handsome in person? you must have had a spazz attack! ( I know I would have! XD)
    To witness Yonghwa oppa's smirk and wave and Jonghyun oppa's handsome face and Jungshin oppa and Minhyuk oppa! Ohmy! >.< kekeke

  3. Oh gosh I hope you had fun! CN blue also come to England but I didn't go and see them because I had work lol /sobs

  4. looks like you had fun
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  5. aw.... so envy you


  6. Cool I went to see Sujer Junior, also stalking hahaha.