30 June 2013

Review: Pureology Haircare lines

Hi guys
So I was contacted by Salonadvicedirect to try out some samples from Pureology, so this  post is going to be my thoughts on some of Pureology products. 

Before I start, my hair condition: mid-length hair (up to bust), scalp to shoulder is virgin black hair and the rest (tips) is brown hair from about 2 years ago. My natural hair is quite frizzy and takes about 1-1.5 hours to airdry. Hair thickness is not thick nor thin, but I have alot of hair. Main issue is breakage and split ends. 

What the package came with

This one I actually haven't tried and I probably won't try just because it is made for blondes. It says that it does have lightening properties, so I won't risk ruining my hair, as I'm trying to grow it out and have it all natural.

These ones I actually like the smell of. The shampoo doesn't do enough for me. After using it I feel like my scalp hasn't been fully cleaned. And I noticed that this is the only one that this is in gel form whereas the other are of cream textures. The conditioner on the other hand I felt it being quite moisturizing and I did notice my hair become softer in just one use. Find it here
Shampoo 2/5

Conditioner 3.5/5 

The first thing I noticed about these is that they have quite a menthol/eucalyptus smell to them, which I don't mind. I honestly didn't see a difference in my hair. Not much else to say besides that it isn't bad but it doesn't show any dramatic results to my hair. Find it here
Shampoo: 2/5

Conditioner: 2/5
Hair masque: 2/5

These again I didn't see a missive difference in hair texture or feel to them. Just average products.

Shampoo: 2/5
Conditioner 2/5

I was looking forward to using these the most as they are most suited for my hair description. But it didn't do anything for my hair. I felt that my hair was frizzier the next day which is quite disappointing. Find it here
Shampoo: 2/5
Conditioner: 2/5
Treatment: 2/5

This is the product I really didn't like. The texture to it was extremely thick. Directions say to warm with hands before use and apply to damp hair, which is what I did. The product itself is quite thick so I thought it would become thinner in consistency when I rub it between my hands, which it didn't. I applied it and it made my hair felt sticky and by the time my hair fully dried, my hair become crunchy and almost unable to comb through. I just couldn't wait to wash my hair. Very disappointing product. If you have extremely dry, treated hair then you might want to try this, but for those with normal to thin hair, then definitely stay away from this product.

Overall rating 0/5

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these for free from Salonadvisedirect, and I am not payed to state my opinion. The opinions of these products are not bias and are my opinions, and may vary from person to person. 

If I had to choose a line from all of these, I would say the Precious oil line. I think it would be the most versatile for a wide range of hair textures and conditions. Overall I wouldn't buy any of the full size products just because I didn't see any dramatic results and it wouldn't be worth it, as they are quite expensive compared to normal, everyday hair products. Have you guys tried these products before?


  1. I always use drugstore shampoos. I wonder if high end hair care makes a difference? Have you tried any other lines?

    1. this is the only high end hair products that I have used. I personally don't mind cheaper hair products as they work fine for me.