24 September 2012

K Talk: Top 5 songs played on repeat

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share with you all what I've been listening to non stop as of today. 

1. U-KISS  -  Stop girl
 This song is definitely one of the top songs of the year! I've been a fan of U-KISS for years and this is one of my favourite songs from them. I think they are very under-rated when it comes to boy-bands. They've been out since 2008 (I think) but for some reason, they aren't as popular as other groups that have just come out (eg. INFINITE, C.N Blue). This song has an RNB sound to it and the chorus is super catchy! and not to mention how good looking they are in the music video! (especially Eli <3) Check out their music video here.

2. Secret  -  Calling U
 I'm not a big fan of girl groups, and Secret is no exception. I randomly decided to check out some the other day and this song has been on repeat ever since I heard it. It's catchy but isn't really an up-beat song. Don't have much to say, but it's a nice song. Check out their live performance on M-Countdown here.

3. D-Unit  -  I'm Missing You
 Another song that caught my attention. Again, not much to say about this song but the first time I heard this song, it was on repeat for 3 days (no joke). Check out the music video here.

4. F(x)  -  Electric Shock
 I really like this song, and even though this came out a while ago, it still gets stuck in my head. It's super catchy and up-beat! If you haven't already, check out the music video here.

5. TVXQ  -  Catch Me
 Of course I had to add this in, since I'm TVXQ bias. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this song. I'm not really a big fan of techno/ electric sounds and this song is full of it, but I love the singing bits and the chorus is catchy. If TVXQ wasn't the group to come out with this song, then I probably wouldn't like this song. This came out at 12pm (korean time) and I looked around online the minute the song came out. Will definitely buy the album once I see it in stores! Since the music video hasn't come out yet and there;s no official audio link, check out the teaser here

Side note* 
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm SUPER S.M bias. Most of my favourite groups are from S.M Entertainment. 

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That's all for this post. Hope to see ya all soon!

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  1. Hello~ I saw you on soompi and I decided to follow (since I'm also obsessed with asian beauty products and kpop~)

    And oh my gosh. Electric shock was my favorite song of the summer~ xD It was just so catchy! >u<

    I have a huge SM bias as well~ Shinee is my favorite group, so that explains why. c: