24 September 2012

Review: Etude House Goodbye Pore-Ever Pore Primer Essence

Hi guys!

So here is my review on Etude House Goodbye Pore-Ever Pore Primer Essence, which I mentioned in my G-Market Haul.

What it claims:
Moisturising make-up primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve make-up coverage

Dispense onto hands and apply directly to visible pores.

This does what it says! It covers pores and smooths any bumps and makes foundation look and feel a lot smoother. I apply this in between my brows, areas around my nose and chin. it makes my B.B cream last a little bit longer than without the primer. I didn't notice any difference when it came to oil control, so those with extremely oily skin might want to avoid this product. This works great on dry skin though! Sometimes I would get dry patches on the sides of my mouth and the primer smooths it out so the B.B cream/ foundation doesn't look so cakey. 

- minimises the look of pores
- smooths the surface of the skin for a better and easier make-up application
- slight vanilla/floral smell
- doesn't dry out the skin
- cute packaging
- comes with a lot of product (20ml)

- might not control oil
- can be hard to find 

Overall, I would recommend this to those with normal/dry skin that want a basic primer.


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  3. Oooh. I've been wanting to get this primer. Thought it has good oil control. Now I know I shouldn't get it. Thanks! :) Btw I followed your blog. Hope you can drop by mine and maybe get a follow back? :)

  4. Can I use this alone, without make-up? Just to cover the pores... ^^

    1. you can, but it's meant to be used underneath makeup

  5. Yeah I have that primer, it started off working fine, now after a year it doesn't really work! Good thing I still have samples. But yes it doesn't control oil at all :<

  6. I was looking at this on eBay yesterday! Glad I didn't buy it.. I need something that controls oil!

    I've just found out your blog (from Soompi ^-^) and I like it! Pass by mine *it's new!* and follow me if you like it!

  7. have you ever tried the Benefit Porefessional? if you have, how does this compare to it?

    1. i dont own porefessional, but from using it on the back of my hand, they do seem quite similar