21 September 2012

Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers

Hi guys!

If you guys remember, I had posted all of my items I got from G-Market Haul and I mentioned getting these two blushers.

Left to right: Grapefruit Jelly No#6, Apricot Pudding No#5


Overall, I love these blushes! At first I thought the orange one (apricot pudding) wouldn't show up on my skin since it looked quite pale in the pan, but that is not the case at all!! I can actually use this as a typical blush and unbelievably, a contour shade! I would use it as a bronzer and it contours my face nicely. Even though it is an orange colour, when used as a contour colour, it isn't very orange. The pink is SUPER pigmented. For these blushes, I use a small stippling brush and literally pat the brush into the blushes 2-3 times and that's enough for one side of the cheeks!

These would be great for those that have problematic skin that want a pretty matte blush so that it doesn't make the skin look worse and gives the face some colour. And the thing I love about these is that they literally last all day. Just yesterday I wore these to see how long they last. I left the house at 7.30am and got home at 7pm and the blush was still on, and this is without touching up my make up at all!! ~12 hours with it on and it looked almost like I just put the blush on.

One thing I do have to say though is that these two colours would only look good on pale/light skin tones. I think that for those that have darker skin tones, the colour might not come up and it can look a little bit chalky. The good thing is that I purposely chose the lighter coloured blushes. Etude House do make a few more darker colours, so those with darker skin tones might want to try those. 

The blushes come with a super cute puff, but honestly it doesn't do anything. It does pick up colour but it doesn't come off on the face at all!

- pigmented
- matte
- lasts pretty much all day
- cute packaging

- can look powdery on darker skin tones
- puff provided doesn't work well

Will I purchase more of these? Definitely! I recommend this to those who are looking for a super pigmented, natural looking blush. For about $6 AUD, it's definitely worth every cent!


  1. omg the long awaited review :)
    are you serious? the orange one can contour? like does it come out bronzey? and pink is soo pretty!

    1. its dark enough on me to look a bit bronzey if i put a bit extra product on

  2. I love these! I have grapefruit jelly and it's perfect for my skin :)
    I really like your blog btw, just followed <3