7 October 2013

September favourites (belated)

Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of posts! With the university year almost ending, all of my assignments are piling up, and not to mention exams T_T. Anyway, here are my loves for last month.

The Face Shop- Acerola Mask Sheet
This is one of a few masks that give great results right after use as well as longer lasting results. With most face masks they only give moisture to my skin, but with this it makes my skin brighter, reduces redness, and continues to stay bright looking the next day. The smell of this is really good; berry and sweet!

Mac- Sheer tone blush in Peaches
My cousin gave this to me because she doubled up on this (check out her newly started blog here). It's my first MAC product and I'm really liking it so far. It's pigmented and stays on my face for the whole day. I would say it's a matte peach/pink colour and I can imagine this as a universal colour. Will be checking out more MAC products in the future.

Etude House- Dear My Jelly Lipstick in JOR201
This product is more like a tinted lipbalm. It gives more colour than a tinted lipbalm, has the texture of a lipbalm and is nothing like a typical lipstick. It's moisturizing and gives life back to my face on days where I don't feel like putting on makeup besides foundation. The smell though I am not a fan of; a bit like a sickly chemical orange.

Indeed Laboratory- Hydraluron
I bought this on a whim as I browsed through Priceline. This product was hyped up alot by bloggers and youtubers a while back. I've used about half of it and it's the one product that has saved my skin through the transition from winter to spring. I use this right after washing my face both day and night and it really saved my skin. Can't say any more good things about it, just try it out for yourself.

The Body Shop- Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist
I was browsing through The Body Shop to get a friend a birthday present when I came across this product. I haven't been sleeping well these days, with staying up to finish of assignments and having odd sleeping patterns, so I thought I would give this a shot. It does work to an extent. On nights where I have stayed up late and I need to wake up early (6am) the next day, this helps me get to sleep quickly and keeps me in a deep sleep. I spray this on my pillow twice and in less than 10 minutes, I'm asleep. This is more on the pricey side (around $30) so if you have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or have insomnia, give this a try.


I'm not going to be updating as often for the next month or so because I've got exams coming up. Thanks for all of the support so far and don't forget me! T_T


  1. Good luck with all your exams :)

  2. hehe Thanks for sharing your favorites and I realy would like to try the mask sheet because of its smell *Q* And good luck on your exams!! :)