18 August 2013

Currently loving: Aloe Vera

Hi guys!

Oh gosh, sorry for the lack of posts! In my 5th week of uni and the workload is building up, but I want to keep this blog as updated as I can. 

This is a post dedicated to aloe vera! More specifically, Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel. My skin has been acting up and I've been looking into more natural products for my skin and I came across aloe vera. I've always known that it's got great hydrating properties, but it also has healing and cooling properties. I wanted to try it out because every time I would wash my face, it would become red and sometimes irritated and sensitive from the overuse of topical acne medication. 

I've come to love using this in my skincare routine. It calms my skin, and heals my skin from irritation and active acne spots. I would use a tiny dot for my whole face while layering it with other products, or on my lazy days, have a thick layer all over my face and let it absorb. It makes my skin super hydrated and prevents any dry spots on my face. It does have a aloe scent to it but it is very faint. 

If your looking for a natural alternative I definitely recommend trying aloe vera. Try to find a product that has at least 90% natural aloe as it would be a lot more effective. I will definitely purchase this again once I run out, and I know that the bottle will last a long time, as you don't need much of it. 

If you guys have any topics you want me to write about or a review on a product I've previously mentioned, leave them in the comments below and I'll be glad to do it ^_^

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  1. I love aloe vera products too! They're really cooling and feel so nice on the skin after applying *o* I have a few samples from an aloe vera product and they were quite convincing to me! I might check this one from Tony Moly out since you love it so much haha :D
    Thanks for sharing, Trang~! ♡