30 November 2012

Another Gmarket order!

Hi guys!

So this is the third part of my huge online orders. This again is from Gmarket and they had some SUPER CRAZY offers! The items were all for $1. That's right $1!!! Not sure how Gmarket pulled it off or how this was even possible but it wouldn't hurt taking advantage of the offer right?

SHINee Endorsed Shirt (Taemin Blue), Super Junior Boys in City- Paris France

This was a total steal. The original price was around $65-70 so getting this for only $1 was crazy!

I think this shirt's original price was around $30 but I don't think they have it on the site anymore.

Freebees (I think)
Left to right: Super Junior Poster, Super Junior Postcard Book, SHINee bag, SHINee Poster

If you haven't checked out Gmarket yet, then do so now! They always have sales and special offers! 

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  1. I think I checked Gmarket on Monday night the week these items were available and the Super Junior photo book was already sold out haha :( I was able to pick up the Girl's Generation calendar for $1 though, oh and also a cardigan that was modelled by Ailee.

    Btw, you got freebies too?!?!?! That's awesome!