17 November 2012

Review: Holika Holika Flying Mascara

If you guys saw my G-Market Haul post, then you would know that I bought this, and I've finally got around to reviewing this ^_^

Holika Holika Flying Magicara No.1 Curling mascara to eyelashes long, curved line, love line effectively. Maintain healthy eyes. Love like a butterfly curve, the long term.

With the Triple-proof effect (sebum proof, water resistance, flaky proof) that coat the lashes to become stronger and resistant to oil stains and tears to the eyes is smooth and long.

natural, uncurled eyelashes

eyelashes curled

one coat of the mascara

This definitely does what it claims! I wore this to a family wedding (which I will do a post on soon) and wore this for about 8 hours. This did not smudge or flake off and kept my lashes curled! I have SUPER oily lids and this did not transfer to the bottom lashes at all! I usually use about two coats, and any more will make lashes look clumpy. 

This mascara does have small amounts of fibres that makes the lashes longer, and it definitely makes my lashes look longer. One thing to say is that this does not give any volume to my lashes however. I personally don't like volumizing mascaras so it's pretty much perfect for me.

 does not flake off
 easily removed with an oil based makeup remover
 keeps lashes curled all day
 does not migrate down to bottom lashes
 lengthening and separates each lash
 classy packaging

 those looking for volumizing masacras will not like this since it does not volumize
 can be hard to remove without an oil based makeup remover
 brush can hold too much product
 can be hard to find

If you're looking for a mascara that's waterproof, long lasting curls and lengthens your lashes, then this is for you. Will I buy this again? If it's on sale again. Even though this is quite a cheap mascara (I got this on a sale for about $1 AUD), buying online can sometimes be a hassle. 


  1. omg loooks goood as! im actually loving that revlon mascara i hate and omg, i wannaa buy so much mascaras esp the maybeline hello kitty one ahaha

  2. Maybe I will try it after finishing my Eyeko's one.