12 March 2014

Featured writer: The big debate- With or without makeup

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With my blog slowly growing, I thought of trying something new. Once in a while I will have little posts/articles on thoughts on make-up as well as some reviews. This article was provided by Sarah Taylor. 
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Bare-faced beauty or magnificent in make-up … Everyone has their own style and the debate over which is best continues to rage. While some girls struggle to leave the house without applying their war paint, others find it difficult to remember to put it on.

Dare to bare

The secret is perhaps to adopt a flexible approach towards make-up. Going bare-faced out into the world can be liberating and even models aren’t afraid to expose un-painted skin to the world. For proof, just look at Megan Gale.

Her recent instagram pics were a hit with viewers who responded well to her natural beauty and the confidence she showed by displaying the photos to the world.

Wonderful war-paint

Of course, that’s not to suggest that there is no place for make-up in today’s society. The confidence which make-up can give girls of all ages is well known and there’s no harm in applying make-up to spruce things up when heading out for a night on the town or a special event.

The secret is to use make-up tastefully. Here we look over a few common make-up products and key ways to apply them. Remember, you should update your make-up supply regularly to ensure you’re not using old products which may not give the desired effects. However you choose to pay for them – cash, debit card or American Express credit card – is up to you, just make sure you budget for them and look out for deals on high quality products that will deliver good results.

Eye liner: common questions here are about whether to apply to the top lid only or both the top and bottom lid. Experiment with what looks best for your eye shape and also experiment with the thickness of the line. Most people prefer a thinner, more subtle line but you may find that a thick and bold look works for you. If you want to add something a little different then flick the ends out to create a stunning cat’s eye effect.

Mascara: like eyeliner, there is common debate about the best way to apply mascara. Common opinion dictates that you should apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes – only covering the top lashes can actually cause your eyes to look smaller.

The amount you apply will also vary on personal preference but you should avoid being too heavy-handed in order to avoid the dreaded ‘spider eye’ syndrome. There are many different products on the market too so make sure you do your research. You should also spare a thought for colour. Although bright and glittered options are available, and can look stunning when co-ordinated with your outfit, the main options you’ll have are between brown and black. Brown works better for fairer skin and should be combined with brown mascara for a seamless look.

Blusher: a secret weapon for any woman’s handbag, the important thing here is to avoid over applications. Too much blusher can have disastrous consequences so it’s important that you use sparingly. Make sure you work the blusher up along your cheek bone to enhance definition and blend with an appropriate brush.

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