26 October 2012

K talk: high kick through the roof

Hi guys!

So I literally just finished watching High Kick Through The Roof and currently balling me eyes out right now. Don't want to spoil it too much but for those who are looking for something to watch, this is a must! definitely part of my top 10 dramas to watch now.

It's pretty much about two sisters that live on a mountain because their father is hunted down by loan sharks. They help two hikers that are lost because of this, they are found by the loan sharks which they have to flee by going to Seoul (capital city in South Korea). And the rest is pretty much about how they survive and the relationships they build with the people that help them on the way.

It's a great laugh and there are some serious bits of course. With comedy, a bit of horror, 'old people' love, one- sided love, and love building from hatred. It covers pretty much all genres!

There's 126 episodes (which I know is a pain in the ass) but each episode is only about 20 minutes, and it's definitely worth the time! The one thing I'm angry is, is about the ending (like with pretty much all dramas I've seen). It's not the lack of emotions in the ending, but how it's ended. I think I spoiled it too much so I shall stop there. But if you were thinking of watching a Korean drama/comedy show (as they call this) then this must be the one to start off with! I wish I watched this earlier! Have you guys seen this yet? What did you think of the ending?

watch it here!

P.s: while I was watching this, I think I fell in love... With the doctor in this drama, Daniel Choi. Super cute, tall, and everything you would want in a guy!

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  1. Thanks for the review! This sitcom is actually on my 'things to watch' list after my exams haha. I also really want to watch season 3 of this, so that's on my list too! :p